Being your Best!

Hope frees us all ~ Superman

It is the key to Superman’s improvement. Superman at his strongest is called Superman
One Million. Otherwise, known as Superman Prime. He is a perfect
extenuation of our sun. There came a time in the DC universe when the
ages were changing and Superman turned into a being of omnipotent
liquid golden light. He was then known as “The Superman Prime”. Lois
Lane changed into a perfect silver white light being. Superman ascended
into a solar being of unimaginable force. All his powers maximized to
infinite levels. He became undefeatable. Finally, Superman was
complete. He developed cosmic skills from the center of our universe. One
of these powers he gained was harnessing the universe’s indomitable will
power. He had the capability to give super power energy to all the beings
across our galaxy.

Seems hard to beat right? Well, we might not have the authority of
Superman One Million but life might have something greater in store for
us. The S on Superman’s chest stands for hope on his home planet. We
could have hope that we can be the best version of ourselves. On a soul
level, this might be far greater than Superman One Million.
There are spiritual masters who say that humans can eventually be
liberated unto a being that can manifest their entire world by thought.

In the Bible, Jesus said we can move mountains with our mind. This can be
located in the book of Mathew chapter 17, verse 20.
Imagine being anywhere, just by thinking.You think you are in
New York on a rooftop and you are there instantaneously. This is possible
in these master’s belief. They say you can be as many bodies you want.
Anything you think you can become. We could hope through faith that we
can be the greatest being that has ever existed in our life.
Even Superman in this extremely powerful state never said “ I am
omnipresent.” What we learn if we continue to do our best is that we are
able to be omnipresent human beings. A wise man once said,
“Omniscient, omnipotent, omnivorous and omnipresent all begin with
Om.” We have the ability to be our best by learning and doing the best we
can. Superman would retreat to his fortress and chant the syllable Om for
days at a time. Let’s start harnessing our Om, which is simply singing the
word over and again until we feel more powerful. Also chant the word Ah,
which is the sound you pronounce if you use absolutely no muscles and

Lester Levenson, an American spiritual master once declared “you
are everywhere right now pretending you are only that body.” The
only thing separating us from being more potent than Superman Prime is
thought. If we can stop thinking even for a moment, we can immediately
be rejuvenated and experience this our self. My hope for you is that no
matter where you are in the world, you will be provided blessings and
friends that will protect this true life of yours. In the bible it says “be still
and know I am God. You do have to be still. Its sacred, this true prime
version of yourself. Practice by lying in bed and not moving at all for a
minute. Then gradually ascend to longer times. God will eventually show
This is how we recharge like Superman and receive enormous
powers by being still. This is us at our best. No movement, no thought.
Then we transcend like we do when we are completely still in deep sleep.
Stillness and silence is the key to our best version. Our “Christ One
Million.” This is my best wish for you. When you are focused on the best
around you and in your friends, environment and actions, you enter into
Superman potential.

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