Would Superman Be a Blogger

From Metropolis to the year of 2020, how would Clark shift his writing style to the new era? Would he decide to enlighten the minds of all readers of the world or stay true to his city?

Super Intelligence can only be truly experienced through a man’s writings. It is the best correlation of the mind’s attempt to manifest into actuality. When we choose our best thoughts and then give them a outlet through written word, we give birth to longevity as strong as a memory. The infrared light beams manifested from Superman’s eyes at 2000 degrees Celsius was no where as close to the light eminating from his highest thoughts.

The only containment for these pulsations of light were his words. When people would read his writings, their soul within felt the warmth of his superpowers transmuted by his intelligence. His pen was as strong as a planet as he jotted down his finest thoughts and presented them to Lois before they released the scoop.

As we pause for a keen reflection, who was a better writer then Superman? He was able to embed his experiences of traveling the entire universe toward the path of Justice as articles, perfectly edited and prepared for the next morning.

Can we also create a undertone of our heroism within our articles in the latter day? Is blogging primarily for those aiming to rank on a search engine or writing dispassionately about a keyword that is this weeks trend?

Writers have been captured by the villains of allure and have been brainwashed to write soulless blogs about content that is no longer a part of their inner light but in allegiance to the ultimate ring of darkness, online consumership. Writers have traded their gift of life and instead of striving to reach the timeless realm that all writers aspire, have been reduced to mere mortals by the heartless machine called the search engine.

Where are our superheroes to turn to in this dark age of literature? Will we all fall victim to the evil blogger? Now is the time more then ever to think about what Superman would write during these times. Superpower Thinking has to be preserved in our fellow man by any means necessary!

As online readers eyes dilate and glaze over from the non stop onslaught of empty words through paid advertisement and blogs, many fall victim to the enemy lurking beneath and join the side of criminality. Zombie like posts on Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have taken over our dear pages of the internet! We must prepare as we wait for Superman to return and teach us how to combat the hoard with writings of vision once again! The war on intelligent writing has begun!

This is a call to all writers fighting in these times! The time is now to fill our words with light once again!

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