Future Heroes

What if your future is calling you to be a super powerful superhero? What is our future’s best vision for us? Is this the same vision society or our family and friends have for us?

I think the beneficial experiences we have in life were in someway connected to our calling of our highest potential of our future.

Could you imagine how many people would have been effected if Superman did not choose the side of Good? What makes us less important?

When looking toward the future, we can always understand that the Sun is always there emanating a path of light that is brighter then our past.

No one and no thing can decide our future for us. Not even the Universe will tell us what we should choose. In the sense of choosing our path, we are this powerful. One of our strongest superpowers is the force of choice within our lives.

Imagine if today’s legends chose to walk the path of evil or if our historic villains chose good lives instead. These decisions change the world and so does the superpower of choice in your life.

You can choose to be a bully or a abuser or a healer and a beacon of light.

Do you remember your most satisfying glass of water? This is how it feels when you align with the light of your future.

Many beings try to pull us down to steal our potential in real life as much as Superman was loathed by criminals in Metropolis. These beings are responsible for us to make choices. Will we be defeated by these ectopic lower life forms or will we fight and continue to help the world?

Can you imagine what you would be if your mind had no limits? Ponder that question for a minute. A hour. A day. A month.

Just because we live in Gotham that labels itself as a Krypton does not mean that we can not overcome the manipulation.

It is our calling to be the only person in our life to turn where the light is. What if your kingdom is stronger then your government’s or your Religion’s? What if you at your potential is what your future really looks like. These are just additional thoughts that will turn to steps toward your Superhero self that is flying in the sky.

The power of choice is stronger then your circumstances although making choices are not always easy. Can you remember the best choice you ever made in your life?

You have many more choices that you can make in alignment with these conclusions. The better choices you make, the more light is released to you.

Think about how many great choices people could make if they weren’t busy taking about others, feeding negative habits or worrying about what others think.

I believe that this article was written to tell you that you as the greatest choice maker is you as your highest self.

What did you do yesterday that was wise? What did you do that required better choices? Ask this everyday to improve your decision-making skills.

Also ask, If I had no limits, what is the greatest choice I can make. Then start making decisions from this place.

Just like your body always makes the best choices it can with its nutrients and energy, we as future superheroes must also reflect this dimension of ourselves to be in alignment with our optimized life.

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