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In today’s world everything around us is changing but because of the polarity of our existence, we can always flip our circumstances. The truth is there has never been more wealth then what was generated in these hard times of 2020.

We too can profit no matter what we experienced and see.

As we explore this globe, we should know that we can turn polarity around with our mind thus we can change our world.

I created a book when I was pondering this truth last year called “ The Reverse Technique “ that was inspired by my spiritual teacher named Lester Levinson. This man mastered mental reversing and was able to successfully manipulate polarity.

I wrote this book and am the first to write a complete work on it.

The book helped me advance this technique and will be available in the fourth quarter of 2020.
I would like to share the release of the book globally. I am showing others how to flip any circumstance mentally for their benefit by simply asking the question, What is the opposite of this thought, feeling or circumstance?

Mentality, our thoughts and feelings are the precursor for our entire existence. Although feelings seem physical they are entirely mental. When we are able to reverse the polarity of anything on a mental level, we find that we can eventually have it reverse in our outer circumstance.

This book will be released on my website and I hope that you download and enjoy.
I’m going to give the book out for free to anyone who has knowledge of our site.

Looking at the circumstances that have transpired for the last year, I’ve come to the realization that when we looked to the people who are supposed to be helping us, their hands were not able to be touched or grasped.

Looking to the church, government, family, schools and jobs left us shorthanded during this crisis.
I feel it was a time to turn back to ourselves for guidance and protection.

What I realize is that when we turn back to ourselves, we can get better and better especially at the gifts and skill sets that we’re crafting and sharpening in our toolshed.

I followed my way back toward myself during this crisis.

I am transforming into a superpower thinker and I realized that one of the main things that was needed was a spiritual center we can trust as a people.

This writing is to call forth to Christians who,

when pondering the question, how much their

churches have helped during this crisis?

Find the truthful answers that have surfaced in their mind.

I think it’s time for these stained glass windows to be opened so a fresh gust of air can

purify the church.

After the church’s response,

I am no longer calling myself a Christian, but a Cristonian.

This is a term that I coined during this crisis.

A believer in Christ who helps others, especially the poor, gain financial knowledge and wealth

through business building tools and assets.

Long enough has the church took the on looking position over the poor that desperately need the spiritual spine of this world to uplift them.

As the majority of the church looked the other way, I recollect Jesus saying, you lack one thing; go, sell what you own, and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me. Mark 10:21-22

I believe there is a deeper meaning here. To sell goods and services and to help through business. He did not say sell all you own. He said to sell. Imagine if business and church listened to Jesus and sold to help those in need.

One of the main commandments of the church that Jesus Christ gave to his disciples was to take care of the poor and to feed the hungry which Jesus called “ my sheep. “

This year we found out that when the people truly needed, the church did not listen to the word of Christ.

They fed the hungry but they did not take care of the poor.

This did not stop me though from following his words. Now my website has two business opportunities that will be offered to the poor to build a business and a future for them. The first is called “Ecommerce Entreprenuer” where they will be able to sell brands and products after training how to affiliate market just like anyone else. I give 7 super powerful brands for them to master and sell to become a millionaire in E-commerce. This program is both for the rich and the poor as they unite and flourish together.

The second is called “Cryptonian Coins”, a Cryptofinance copy trading firm that will train anyone to become a cryptocurrency trader for free. My goal is to help the poor trade and become millionaires in the future.

In my eyes, Christians can only take care of 50% and I will come into the scenario, and provide the other 50%. Jesus says, I am the way, the truth and the life. I will provide people with a new way, a new truth and a new life. A way to prosper, a truth of self value and a life of wealth.

This is where the Cristonian comes in. I define a Cristonian as a person governed by Christ with a hunger to help poor people build their own business and achieve millionaire status. This goal is for all, no matter what color, religion, gender, sexuality or age.

I call Cristonians to pass on

the kindness and knowledge on to the next man in need.

When you look at and the opportunities that are provided for every single person that logs on, you can further understand that these are the sediments and seeds laid down by Christ. They are accessible, not only to the rich man but to all men.

The potential opportunity for millionaire and billionaire status for the poorest in this world is my dream in Christ.

In my world, in my mind, it’s the Christians verse the Cristonians.

Will it be another crusades or will it be a peaceful Cristonian takeover?

As the church feeds the poor expired food and continues to put their baskets out, I will strengthen the poor and put them in business suits.

I will open doors of opportunity for them to earn enough for cars, homes and swimming pools that their families can swim in. I envision them handing out their own personal business card, dressed to the nines,

when the poor man asks them for a dollar on the street.

Not long will they have to continue to go into the Christian church of 2020 and fill out paperwork in order to get a bag of canned goods.

When a man in need comes to the Cristonian church,

He leaves with a million dollar opportunity and a glow in the dark business card.

It’s our responsibility in Christ to change his destiny.

He can link in with the beliefs of superpower thinking and is given a basket full of business opportunities that he can choose from. He will connect to superpower thinking business partners who will feed him knowledge and value through investment tips and experiential teaching.

It will be a project for us to help build his business and his future, not only

for his own life, but for the future of his genealogy in Christ.

The Cristonian church is not going to give out any canned goods.

There’s no bread with the expiration date crossed out

with mold at the bottom.

There are cell phones to trade on, tablets with business portfolios, classes and

partnerships that pray together so businesses can be built.

I cannot stomach a church that has disobeyed the commandments of Christ for 2000 years.

His main commandment was to help the poor. Still God is waiting.

This is where the Cristonian was born. In a manger called 2020.

We will be teaching the children in the church how to trade with our knowledge. By the time they’re 12 years old, they will have already made themselves millionaires. This move will disintegrate any spirit of poverty in their future. Unfortunately, our Schools, churches or governments are not courageous enough for moves like these. has different plans.

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A Cristonian will always have at least seven different business opportunities for any man and free training for the poor at

Clark Kent’s Bible will be given to supplement their spiritual life as well. is the main portal of the Cristonian church where we learn through the books I’ve written for the world to supplement Christian belief and a better way.
Together we can thank the Lord for our hunger to help the world. I pray that Christ maximizes the thoughts I shared that were offered to all.

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