The Mindset

Living in 2021 allows me to understand that I’m living for myself.

Most importantly, when I look at my business I look at my lifestyle, I look at my aspirations and dreams. I see that they’re on a vibratory pattern that’s more in alignment with the sky
and beyond.

Opposed to what’s on the ground and the path that humanity has chose, my website was the best possible outlet for me to express the direction that I would go given I were to rule my own world.

Superpower Thinking is a place where I can make a difference with my leadership abilities.

Billionaire mindsets and millionaire mindsets are good—but even good is the enemy to greatness and the best.

We can include the fact that this life isn’t just about millionaire lifestyles for ourselves but to give out the righteousness that’s within us. The energy that orchestrates our molecules and that is always eager to express to all of life.

I don’t believe the righteous or billionaire status is reserved only for the few.

I think millionaire or billionaire status is available to everyone if they also are able to adapt to what is within them.

When I look out into this world, my inner eye sees cars that can fly to the moon, planes that could land on the ocean and speed through the waves. People who are aligned with life. A species who finally met the basic prerequisites that were presented to us 4000 years ago on Moses tablet.

Let’s make this clear….I don’t trust what I see out in this external world more than what I envision for humanity in my hopes and prayers.

Even though is just a website with profitable products and webpages,
I worked hard enough on it so that people can see a new dimension in the domain.

I offer more free content than anyone else, more business opportunities than any other website has to offer.

Plus, because the domain is in my locus of control, I effort to expand it the same way I would if I were to have my own world.
This is my gift for my first partner and last.

Likewise I am still responsible for the people.

There are no conditions or requirements here at

If you don’t have money, all of my books are free.

There’s massive amounts of free content.

If you don’t have a good background, the application for your future career doesn’t require it…. I understand.

If you don’t speak a certain language, or are in a certain religion, the superhero mindset unites us all.

My dream is for all of us to eventually have dominion over our own world.

I believe there’s one Earth but 8 billion different worlds for each individual that exists today.

Let us present the best world that we have to our Earth, so that we can make this world a better place for our future.

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