Thought Reversal

Today is’s first anniversary! To celebrate, I am giving my readers a new super power!

I’m going to be talking about a undiscussed superpower that you will not find out unless you come read this blog.

This website is actually dedicated towards making your mind as super powerful as you can. We achieve that through business success, which is integral for your superpower thinking.

We also do this through self development, which is integral, as well as facilitating your spirituality through doing the right thing, which is called righteousness. Last but not least is our community, driven by helping each other feel like super heroes.

I’m going to talk to you about a superpower called thought reversals.

It sounds like something that came right out of a comic book, and it is a superpower. If you were in the comic world, they would attribute you with the superpower of thought reversing.

Every thought has an emotion connected to it.
Through harnessing the emotion you can reverse that thought.

You can’t just reverse a thought, without harnessing the emotion.

We know how to express emotion and thought but today you will learn how to reverse a emotion/thought.

Without emotion, a thought is dead and vice versa.

Understand that a negative emotion can be flipped to its positive side, thus creating a positive thought.

Here how you do it!
Mentally create a spectrum from negative to positive. You know that that emotion is on a certain side of the spectrum.

Allow that emotion to move to the positive side of the spectrum. On its own, the emotion will love to do this because it wants to be released in the positive side of mind where it is much more free, much more healthy and much more valuable.

Once you start feeling that energy move through you, you can get more familiar with your personal spectrum. Let the emotion run along it to the other side. Once you feel the energy moving and flowing to the positive side, gently use that newly qualified energy to create the opposite thought of your negative one.

Eventually, you will start to master that movement of energy, and you’ll just start to feel when you can reverse that thought.

You’ll get better and better at it every time you do it. There’ll be a certain level of that negative energy moving connected to your negative thought, and you’ll just know when you’ll be able to use that energy moving to the positive side of the spectrum to manifest a positive thought. So for example, right now I’m not really to happy with what’s going on in my country’s decision making process.

I would accept what’s going on there, and I feel the energy and now I will just accept that energy fully and affirm it and usher it with my heart into the positive spectrum of my mind and emotions.

When I feel the emotion has moved far enough along the inner spectrum or gradient, I let my mind generate a reverse thought.

The reverse thought of that thought/emotion is a perfect country with perfect laws that are set in place by perfection. I just did a thought reversal with you on this blog from thinking about the negative, and reversed the thought into a perfect country creating perfect laws, probably through the assistance of God and spirituality.

Now I can focus my energy on the positive Reverse thought and I can start doing research, I can start doing writing, I can start making art, I can even write a book on it now.
All through a simple technique called the thought reversal technique.
I learned this from a American master named Lester Levenson and it’s pretty much that simple.
I’m coming out with a book at the end of this year that’s called “Thought Reversal Technique.”
It will be a great book, so stay tuned.

I’ll probably upload it on the knowledge chamber that’s on this website. If you click on the menu called Knowledge chamber, you have access to all my books. Im not just writing you guys from the blog, I’m giving you guys quality books as well on my site.

Here is another superpower from our arsenal here at

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