Super Power Thinking

Why is thinking your superpower? This question is the reason for our business, Superpower thinking.

Thinking is your superpower because it is the strongest source of energy in your life. Every thought in truth is super power thinking potentially.

If you were to have the same thought repeatedly for even just five minutes, you would start to feel the force of concentrated  thought.
Our business, Superpower Thinking, specializes in the greatest powers of mind.  It is the vastest place in our universe. This is why concentrated thought must be discussed as a superpower.

The reason that we don’t notice the thought as a superpower is because how dispersed or thinking has become.  This is why our business Superpower Thinking is so powerful.  One of our principles is focus.
Our mind is our greatest business and this is why Super power thinking is essential. 

This is why we are not just a business but a mental force.

Usually we have scattered thoughts throughout the day. The mind mentally  goes from one topic to the other.

It’s calculated that we have up to 30,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day! Yet for most of us, maybe less the 1% of them are witnessed and consciously generated. Most of these thoughts scatter from one topic to another dissipating our mental force.  The mind has took our Super power Thinking and used it for mundane thought patterns like appointments and complaints.

This is where Superpower Thinking comes in.

We are able to concentrate a thought consciously!  We are able to feel this force of our mind which is our superpower and universal force. I am going to help you understand that our thoughts are superpowers.

This is what Superman and Batman does when they are in battle.  They concentrate the thoughts of Justice and Courage and take down the scatterbrained villains.

Let’s do a Super power thinking exercise!

Ok find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.

I want you to think the same thought 100 times.

Other thoughts may come in, and that’s okay.  Just bring your attention to gently thinking the same thought.  This is called thought concentration.

Eventually you will get more skilled at this!

Let’s make the thought, ” I am a wealthy person in so many ways.”

You’re going to think this thought, 100 times.

So start now.

As you finish your exercise, you can understand that your mind tends to focus on other thoughts.

When you attempt to concentrate a thought it takes skill.
The reward is feeling the sheer force of a thought that has occurred in your mind, consciously.
The thought to be concentrated has now manifesting power.

You understand that this is really where our superpowers lie eventually.

This concentration technique can be used for any affirmation or anything that you want to gain into your experience.

Concentrated thought is a superpower because it bends our reality.

We are superheroes when it comes to reality bending.

We are bending our reality every day! We are bending the Universe with our prominent thoughts. Most people don’t even know that they’re bending the universe.

Jesus gave us a specific way to pray called the father’s prayer so we can all concentrate thought together.  We can concentrate thought with others as we witness in religion, music, business initiatives, etc.

Without this wisdom you can unknowingly concentrate thoughts within your business, groups or even family structure. This creates villainous vibes that are hard to break down when you choose to fly as a hero.

So now that you know what superpower thinking is, stay calm and start exercising your own super power thinking.

There are many ways to exert superpower thinking although this is one of the greatest.

It’s simple too!  Create a concentrated thought by thinking it 100 times over.

Now you will be able to bend your universe and personal reality consciously.

Are you ready to bend your universe like Superman?!

Take any thought, and replace it with the thought that I gave you.

“I am a superpower thinker” is my favorite. ❤️

Start bending your reality now!

Start feeling this magnificent superpower that you have; it’s even stronger then electromagnetic force!  Trillions of atoms will shape at your will now.  You will carry more electronegativity then Magneto!

Any thought can be replaced.  Find your most irritating thought and replace it!

“I’m the healthiest” (100x)

“I’m the wealthiest” (100x)

“I am a billionaire.” (100x)

Make them simple and let the mind compel complexity through its creative facilities.

You’ll start to see that this concentrated thought that you think over 100 times is going to be much powerful than your other thoughts.

Create as many Super Thoughts as you can and don’t forget to check out our products that will help you bring your superhero reality to life!

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