The Hidden Superpower

In the Bible it says that people perish because of lack of knowledge.

At Superpower Thinking, we consider knowledge to be the greatest asset.

Today I want to discuss the knowledge of one of the greatest superpowers available to you. No one really knows about it…

It’s the superpower of givingness.

Here’s the secret…
When you speak to others, to the degree that you can give to others during that conversation is to the degree of how strong you are. How much can you say you can give to that person?

You may be a billionaire, but in your heart, you might only be able to give very little.

Whereas a person with much less can give even more than that billionaire thus making him more valuable.

This is the superpower of the Gods.

This is what Superman mastered.
The reason Superman was the greatest superhero was not because of the strength of his superpowers. It was how much he gave his superpowers to help others. He used his superpowers to give to people more than any other hero.
We have to realize what we have to give…

I first started to learn this knowledge when I, like most people, gained my knowledge on Christ.

That knowledge helped graduate me towards birthing

As I see my nation divided, attacking each other and their citizens. Witnessing our societies around me deteriorating. I opened this business and yelled, “there is another way!”

I held this knowledge within me and kept on expanding.

Now, my business offers people products, books, knowledge, super power motivation, blogs, help, ideas, innovation, education, and much more.

We just acquired the rights of Jack Frost, Daredevil, Shazam, Captain Marvel, Quicksilver and Thor. We will be creating comics to complement the business world that we provide with our superhero theme.

When I talk to people, I can offer them structural training, a evolution of human fitness that can double their strength immediately.
I can provide my new book called thought reversal technique, which would double their mental power instantaneously.

We’re finally in the position to say that the business is not only expanding but complete. When I have a conversation with people, I can offer them an opportunity to be a partner with the business.
We are of the only businesses in the world that offers an equal partnership where we split our profits down the middle. I give them the keys to the house, so to speak. educates all of our partners, not only to sell the very best products, but also to trade cryptocurrency and profitable assets.

With superhero strategies such as Warren Buffets compound interest machine and also our confluence techniques, we effort to create Bruce Wayne’s out of regular everyday people.

We also offer our partners free education and financial assistance in the crypto market.

We teach them a five year strategy to use compound interest that allows them to be as wealthy as they desire.

I never would have thought that the teachings that I was learning from Christ and his followers were going to eventually lead me to be into a position where I was offering this super value.

The possible billionaire opportunity for a person’s future is rare! provides this and much much more.

It took years for me to know and apply this truth of givingness until it turned into a superpower.

For those who don’t own this wisdom just yet, you can start off just figuring out what you have to offer.

At first it might just be a cup of tea for your friends at your house. Maybe then, you might graduate to volunteering.

You might use this power to ask someone to go to the movies or out to eat and pay the tab.

As you become more accustomed, you’ll be more comfortable in preparing to talk to others with the superpower of spoken givingness.

Don’t think your cup of tea doesn’t go a long way!

It’s small things like this that makes God smile. It also allows us to learn how to give even more.

You can always join on our quest and offer people this opportunity as a partner.
You can join forces to provide opportunities to become stronger, smarter and give everyday people a billion dollar opportunity for their future.

Superman could have took his wealth which was his strength in power and became selfish with it.

He could have very well took Lois Lane out to the casinos every night and use X ray vision on the dealers to stack chips.
Instead of casino hopping, he risked his life and used his X ray vision to locate if there was any weaponry under his villains waistline or clothing while battling for Justice.

Instead of using his intelligence to become wealthier than Bruce Wayne, he humbled himself and became a journalist and editor for the city paper.

The secret is that he made all of Metropolis smarter through his writings.

He asked himself thquestion…How can I reach all of the people of this city?

He answered – “The paper.”

The Daily News was a avenue where every morning, people would read articles that were handcrafted by Superman’s intelligence.

Putting together sentences and words in patterns that were enlightening everyone who read the paper.

We have to understand that the paper was the main media during most of Superman’s career. Superman always figured out how he can give the most with what he had.

So ask yourself the question, “If I was to talk to anyone right now, what is the most that I can talk about giving them.

This question creates superpowers.

If it’s not a lot, then focus on this superpower of yours and strengthen it!

Jesus was able to resurrect people! Heal people and make them stronger.
He could make men wiser. He could have very well used all of his god energy to build a kingdom and become a king. Many people were already calling him King.
He dedicated his life to making people stronger, healthier, wise and more intelligent…

Figure out what your strengths are and start using them to offer the most that you can.
The more that you can discuss with others what you can offer, the more powerful you will become. This is the secret…The real secret.

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