3D Thinking

Superpowerthinking,.com is not just about business…

This is where we have placed our financial seed so that when the plant grows, it will fruit with mental technology to help heal, cure and enstrengthen man.

I believe personally that our thought power is more of a force than physical strength.

This is why I had built the entire company around the theme of superpower thinking. It has grown to such enormity that we will be aquiring the rights of Superman and Batman in 2033.

If super heroes get together and think correctly, they become an extreme force like The Avengers, Justice League or the X-Men.

When superheroes are not thinking their best, they could possibly turn into less powerful beings and harm others. This is for us as well.
Today I want to introduce to you a mental technique crafted here at Superpowerthinking.com headquarters.

It will help you manifest and it’s called thought layering.

Most people are taught to visualize. They’re taught to imagine good for their future. They’re taught to be positive, but to be a superhero, you have to take it one step further.

We’re going to push the envelope with this technique and layer our thoughts. Yes you can make your thoughts more powerful like this!

Not only are you going to think the visualization that you want, but you’re going to put another visualization behind that. Then a third one behind that.

Pretty much your stacking images to solidify and concentrate a positive thought.

Imagine not creating one book but a trilogy. Not one song but an EP.
Not one piece of art but a trifecta.

This trilogy force is a superpower. I also call thought layering, three dimensional thinking.

The trilogy force is available in our thoughts as well. At our headquarters, myself, Daredevil, Thor and Quicksilver created this method.

We figured out that you can place thoughts on top of each other.

So let’s practice.

Get in a place where you’re comfortable.
Think about being the healthiest.

Now take that image and behind that image, create another thought of you being the healthiest, but with different details.

Then behind that thought, create another image or thought of you being the healthiest.

The first thought may be you at the gym, happy, healthy, and the second thought may be you in the kitchen, eating really well. The third might be you at the spa exfoliating and relaxing deeply

After doing this exercise, you will notice a feeling of relaxation and peace about yourself.

Now you take those three thoughts and you layer them together one behind the other and behind the other.

While most people are thinking one thought at a time, you can take this technique from our headquarters and start overpowering your opposition.

Thought layering ( 3D thinking ) allows you to bring that visualization deeper into your mind. Plus it is more concentrated.

If you have one thought, that’s good…but if you have two thoughts together one behind the other, you can go deeper into mind.

If you have three thoughts, then you can go even deeper, even possibly to the level of your subconscious mind.

It’s very well to suggest to your subconscious mind the best you want consciously because it is a universal instrument.

This type of superpower thinking is guaranteeing your visualization. This allows embedding into your mind your very best thought and your very best. If in a difficult situation, use this to outtl think your foes.

We suggest only layering thoughts of your optimal desired outcomes and eventually you’ll start to see your mind manifesting in your life.

I remember writing my first fictional book called “Christ vs Disney”, where I focused on Dosney for almost a year to complete the book. Eventually my mind started manifesting more of what I was writing about. Now I am aquiring the rights to Winnie the Pooh in 2022 and Mickey Mouse in 2024. Books will be released on each of these characters! Check out our version of Pooh!

Even though I wasn’t consciously thought layering, after the book “Christ vs. Disney” was released, many thought layers were created.

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