The Super Dollar

Today we’re going to be talking about the Super transformation of your money.

At, we have adopted an age old ritual that could transfer your normal every day dollar into a super dollar.

Imagine holding a $1 bill.
What you are going to learn how to do is turn that dollar bill into a super dollar.
It is going to turn golden and full of light.

We’ve been using this technique for years and it’s allowed us to increase the worth of every dollar we spend at

After learning this technique, you’ll be turning every dollar you have into around $5!

Corporations and the extremely wealthy have been using the secret of the super dollar for centuries!

Thanks to freelancing and the global web, you can too…

I’m going to teach you this technique of the super dollar for free and you will save and earn millions of more dollars if you use this strategy everyday.

It’s quite simple.

I use it in my strategy with freelancing and it is the art of global currency conversion.

With today’s online platforms that automatically convert the currency around the world like,, ect, now anyone can use the power of the super dollar… not just the wealthy.

Superpower nations use this strategy as their main means of production. Choosing a country with a lower dollar power and setting up production to amplify their dollar is how superpowers thrive. They can employ 5 people instead of 1 within their own country.

So here is what we do…
Focus on where our dollar is worth the most in the world right now.

I have done the research through experience.

In the freelancing market, my dollar is worth about $4 in Pakistan, it’s worth about $4.50 in Nigeria, and it’s worth about five to $7 in Indonesia.

This is where I have established my publishing team and web design for

Where elevated into new precedence is where we offered global partnership.

Instead of superpower countries who normally pay menial wages to save money, we used the force of the super dollar to help people in those countries instead of leverage them.

Here is what we accomplished.

We set up a remote phone sales team in Pakistan where we offer trained phone experts 50 percent of sales…

Now instead of it just being a sale, we have offered this country the force of the super dollar by offering a equal split in profits.

Now instead of making sales, they are accruing wealth that is not available outside the super power thinking mindset.

We offer them all of our products to sell on our site and provide a wide array of options so they have choice.

We also set up a product specifically geared to exemplify their super dollar position by offering product and subscription sales.

With subscription sales out phone experts can rack up to 50-100 subscriptions per year with our training program.

First they sell a trading training program called cryptocurrency king for a humble 399.99 price tag and then offer the customers signal options for 299.99 per month. The signals are selected from traders with over 90 percent accuracy.

What does this do for our superheroes?

Now the customer has a credible source of income and we teach them to compound this income.

The real miracle is this…

The phone sales expert is making 150 per sale which through currency conversion is worth close to a 1000 dollars. Then we give them subscription incentives to reach 50 subscriptions and eventually push them to 100.

Each subscription is split equally providing $150 for them monthly.

You don’t have to be superman to do the math.

Before, the super dollar has been exercised exclusively for employers.

Now and never before, it is being harnessed for our work team.

Outsource everything you can in your business and home and save millions!

Please don’t forget to support us. We need your support in order to continue helping you. Thank You.

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