Super Science

What if everything was created by a super powerful mind?

When you look around in your experience, what do you see? What if everything you see is a mind?

We label everything by Science but what if we are really in a mind?

Science has proven that our experience is definite. With certain laws and equations that come into play, we have seemed certain to figure out our place in this universe.

Biochemistry, genetics, and universal laws all lead us up into a belief system that give us a concrete solid conviction of a non-mind experience. What if there is another truth?

If it is true that like in our dreams we are really in a mind then what would be most important? I believe it would be our thinking.

Is science dispelling truth unknowingly?!

Many spiritual leaders believe in a different reality.

A world that has been created by a unlimited mind. A super powerful mind with no limits whose creative detail is beyond anything science can prove through man.
A force incomparable with the concept of gross matter that is separate from mind.

What if this is true? What if this belief of science is obsolete compared to a truth of a higher organizing mind. What if this truth of mind can also expand our own minds and restore our intelligence through this fundamental knowledge?

Can the forces of atomic structure be dispelled?

Where is the atomic structure in our dreams that make up semi realistic worlds?

If there is a super powerful mind in this truth, we can be sure that it’s source is pure light.

Or can we?

What if this mind was the precursor to all the light that is.

Having minds ourselves, we know that the mind is the only creative thing there is.

This does not take rocket science to figure out.

Even though science calls it matter, it is easy to see that all things in this world and universe are creative.

Does this separation of acknowledging the creative aspect of our life and existence effect our intelligence?

Well the answer lies in knowing if we want to be acknowledged for our mind.

Do we want to be known for having a creative mind or remembered as mindless?

I think answering this question will reveal a deeper level of understanding if reflected on enough.

Observing all of the light that we see in the stars and even the new structures that we discover under the microscope is fascinating with today’s technology but does technology have a mind?

What if a higher mind was actually a precursor to this enormous amount of light that we see in this universe? What if this mind was connected to us?

What would this mind mean to us and how would it change our life?

As science become finer with quantum physics and nanotechnology, there are still a infinite number of questions unanswered. Maybe this is the truth that underlies all finite understanding.

How much more energy and power would we receive if this was true and we mastered this relationship.

In my religion as a Christian, this was said to be so.

In Genesis, it said that the Father God had spoke out, “Let there be light.”

The very first act of creation in our Bible was a thought.

Then Genesis reveals that God spoke all of creation into existence. We know as mind bearers that words are only possible with thoughts preceding them.

This revelation can shape shift our creative forces especially through our words.

As believers, we know a deeper understanding about creation. Something science would never admit.

God didn’t sit there with a hammer in his hands.

He didn’t sit there with a whole bunch of muscular angels building this whole cosmos.

He made our universe simply by thinking and speaking with his mind.
What does this reveal about our own power?

How would our mind shift or transform if we knew that our mind was also connected to this Supreme being?

Is it true that we are also part of God’s six days of creation?
How would you think differently if what I say is true?

Would we start to speak differently?

How would we use the mind more efficiently?

What would we create and achieve in our lifetime knowing this as fact?

In our society and in our country, this belief would be just as unrealistic as the one stating that there is no God 2000 years ago.

We have left our life to science and our world has become inanimate. Unalive in many ways.
What does this unbelief do to our mind and Intelligence?
We focus on college and our career, running toward the goal of retirement missing this possible truth of our lives.

Your reading this right now because your looking for an answer to what’s going on. What if this is the answer of all answers.

What if all of these religions in our world are correct and there is a father figure mind out there that created all of this. If yes, then do we want to continue looking away from the fact that we are really children of this super powerful mind?

When I ponder this idea, I see a certain confirmation to this in our dreams.

I think our dreams scream that we are connected to a higher, more powerful mind.

In our dreams, we create our own universe. Every night, billions of us dream different worlds, releasing all types of colors and ideas.
We create our own worlds. We create our own characters and even our own bodies.

I’m sure that in those dreams, if we were trying to figure out what those bodies were composed of, we would search until we woke up. Do you think we would look for the origins under microscopes? reflects on the power of our mind.

We strive to help the world realize how powerful it is. We also have succeeded in making it much more powerful.

Our governments, our jobs, our economy does not even acknowledge the power of our minds. This is why was essential. incorporates our mind into business and into our lives by acknowledging this potential of our creativity. This is why I think our future is bright her at

I think pondering questions like these make society a better place to live.

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