What is Light?

One of our greatest powers is that we are conducive to the light.

Jesus said “I am the light.”

Obviously he was talking about God light but we too can say the same thing.

Everyday, we take enormous amounts of solar energy and requalify it. Even our breath is composed of tiny light particles that would fan flames if we blew on them.

Designed to primarily be plant and fruit eaters, our diet is also focused on foods that constantly requalify the sunlight.
This is also true on a emotional level even. When we read the Bible or a loving quote, we light up. When we watch a happy ending to a movie, it touches our heart.
This is also why we resonate with the people we love, because all of life on earth is revolving around light.

Just like water is a derivative of light, light is a derivative of love. If we were to love something for a fixed period of constant time , we would feel love in its actuality. For example, if you rubbed your children or pet your animal non stop for a fixed amount of time, you would light up.

On a genetic and physical makeup, we are made of light, but deeper, we are even more conducive to light through love.

If there’s a strong amount of love, you will automatically resonate with it.

All of the Atoms within us resonate to light but also it’s predecessor called love.

There are trillions of atoms in our body. They all respond in unison to the degree of love and light that is available.
They move close, vibrate higher and travel faster producing infinite amounts of beneficial expressions as the result.

This is true when you heat certain metals up, you know the atoms within the metals move faster, and it can conducts heat. We too can do the same as conductors of love.

Scientifically—even down to rocks and solid things—we see that it’s conducive to light.

In order to really harness our gifts, talents and superpowers, we must first master this conductivity.

When we do, we travel to a deeper state of Consciousness which is called Oneness consciousness.

Light has never once made a mistake or was ever inaccurate before.
It reveals to us that we are also the light. everything is within it but even truer, everything is within us.
A revelation occurs that our mind is really missing only one key. The knowledge that all creation is within us.

We realize that everything that we see in this world is really in our mind.
We realize that everything in the world is conducive to the light because we are the light.

This is a better understanding of when Jesus said, “ I am the light.”

What does this mean? It means that everything is conducive to you through light and love. Even a criminal will be kind if you consciously love him or her.

Water, electricity atomic structure are all holding this basic fundamental property and so are we.

Having knowledge of this superpower which is our true nature can unlock a path for us.

When looking at yourself in the mirror, don’t just look at your face but the light manifesting in trillions of atoms beneath. Know you are a enormous being and all of these particles are suggestible through light and love.

So this knowledge answers what science does not want to admit.

That all human health and well-being is attached to light and it’s derivative. They say it’s in a pill, or a gadget but where I’m pointing to is what increases every and anything in our lives.

Superman was the most conduce to light then any other superhero, making him the strongest.

How he used the light for the side of good further accentuated the light. He magnified it by combining it with its derivative, love.

Many people use the light given to them in this life and use it for non love, unknowingly, like water to flames, the energy becomes dwindled instead of magnified.

Jesus and Superman knew this and magnified the light through this knowledge of the light’s derivative. If we know that light is a derivative of love, we can do this too and gain super miraculous strength.

When we apply this knowledge, we journey down the path of self actualization.

You eventually witness that everything that you see is within your mind, just like a dream.

What is your dream conducive to?

The more light that enters your room in the morning during sunrise, the more excitable your dreams become until you ultimately wake up.
The same is true for our world. When we give enough light to others through knowledge, prayer and givingness, the light within us awakens us toward a new life.

This is the truth Jesus Preached and is still not even taught in hardvard or Ivy League.

I wrote a book called “Being Superman” that is built around this truth. That—like Superman—we are superheroes in the light.

This is the missing knowledge that we need for completion of a sense of wholeness. Without this light, we stay asleep for much longer, as we experience in our beds without the rising sun.

Words inductive to our expression of light as humans are honesty, justice, liberty, transparency, integrity, values, cleanliness, givingness and praise to our creator.
Without these, we our only getting bits of moonlight through the window and we stay in slumber. Let us make the commitment not to be perfect but like Christ and Superman to breath and live for the light and to remain lit which is our ultimate freedom

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