The Difference of Superpowers

Are you loving these new superpowers you’re getting? Differential power is a secret.

My goal is to put as many superpowers in your mind that I can.


Each writing is like a new superpower for you!

There are thousands of superpowers that you can choose from!

What I discovered in my deep long quest of self discovery is that man does have superpowers. The secret is that they lie in the mind.

Physically we are veiled.

Yet mentally we are unlimited.

What I discovered in my deep long quest of self discovery is that yes man does have superpowers but they lie in the mind.

Whereas fictional characters they live physically in their body, but for us they originate in the mind.

It’s easy for me to pass off superpowers to you.

The greatest fact is that these superpowers can be transferred to others because they are mental.

Knowledge can give one human that has a superpower to another person!

Today we’re going to be learning about the super power called difference.

The differential of everything that you do is going to create outcomes that are going to create energy.

The difference of one thing to another is a energy producer.

If you have an ice cube at a certain temperature and a certain temperature that’s hotter around it, You’ll get steam. Energy flows naturally and creates a transfer from area to another.

This force can be applied to success.

If you have a difference of love, strength, intelligence or empowerment from one person opposed to another, power will be created. This force is called power of differential.

The secret truth is that we want to create as much differential energy as possible.

If you have two people together and one person is let’s say 10 times better at that skill than the person next to them, then force will be created.

This force is superhuman almost. There’s a differential energy there.

And that’s the differential energy that we can use as a force to exert as a superpower.

So let me give you an example.

I’m a writer.

I write a lot of blogs, I wrote all the content for this website, I write content for other people in their websites. I write books. I write music. I write a lot.

I’m just naturally gifted at writing and speaking. When it comes to word smiths, I have superpowers.
If you were to put someone who doesn’t write that much, next to me, there’s a differential power there.

It’s a force.

So I become superhero-like or Superman- like with this force of differential, especially if put around people who are not knowledge driven.

What happens is, if you focus on skills and build them up for long enough, you overpower your competitors, or your opponents.
You will keep getting better and better and excelling until you create this steam so to speak. You can’t see it but the force is their just like atomic energy.

All you need to do is keep focusing and concentrating your mind to perfect that skill.

So your mind expands on it and now has the opportunity to create this differential force.

Eventually, you create differential force in that area compared to other people. Until people realize you have a superpower.

This differential force is the ultimate contributing factor to why people are promoted, make more money, become more healthier, have more relationships and have more period.

This is why I stick to the fact that the most important superpowers are in superpower thinking.

If you have, let’s say, 10 skills that you’ve mastered in life and each one of those holds a certain amount of differential power, they add up.

If you use those skills together and combine your differential force, then you literally become unstoppable compared to other people that haven’t worked on those skills as hard as you have.

Here is a hard truth of Superpower Thinking.

There’s only two ways that people will respond to your superpowers.

They will either praise you, elevate and promote you. This means you will be edified and people will respect your superhero experiences and request for help on their journey or they will try to destroy you.
This is a simple truth and you should be prepared as we grow together.
Can you accept thisnas you build your superpower?

When you guys tap into my writing, you are being given access to thousands of superpowers that will transform your life. The more you master them, the more you differential power you can harness.

It’s up to you to isolate the ones that resonate the most with you and master them until you start exerting this force. When it comes to building principles and choosing the side of good, you can build this differential until your opponents become villains and your victory is inevitable. Either you will overpower them or other superhero’s will inevitably join forces.

What was able to achieve was provide a wide aresenal of superpowers for you to choose from in any field or endeavor your desire. If you want to be wealthy, we provide the Superpower of trading mastery. If you desire to be healthy or more intelligent, we designed the program called Superman Mind, a evolutionary superhero emulation. What Marvel and DC is doing on the big screen, we are providing in real life!

Our focus is to help you become more and more powerful. A focus that has been lost by mainstream society. We also take pages from legends to help build this arsenal.

For example, when I was learning JKD, a martial art, from Bruce Lee’s books and video reels, I learned superpowers.

Eventually I came across a quote from him and he said, being calm is a superpower.

I’ve talked about this in one of my books called being Superman before even I read the quote!

I was very excited when I read the quote, because it shows me that I’m in resonance with providing legendary superpowers to the public.
Here’s a fact. If you decide to work now on your skills and building them up, you’re going to start developing this differential power.

While others are busy gossiping, pulling others down and judging, you will be building differential power.
You will be cultivating and developing these type of superpowers while others may even be growing weaker.
Nowadays, a lot of people spend most of their time seeking entertainment.
Obviously these are all extracurricular activities that I don’t condemn, I actually promote you to have a good time.
We need to choose where the majority of our time will go.

One of the most important things in life is developing your powers, your gifts, your talents, your abilities.

There are gifts, talents and abilities that we have that have been bestowed upon us by God. Even if people worked for years they wouldn’t be able to match you in that particular area.

God has equipped you.

Be real with yourself and discover your hidden talents.
There are certain people that will do anything at any cost to prevent you from knowing what superpowers you have.

Some of you might already know certain superpowers you have right now.

I’m a great lyricist I’m a great writer.

I’m a great creator, I’m a great artist.

What I’m starting to find out is that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I think that one day in the future, as we evolve as a species, we’re going to understand that we all have true superpowers.

Jesus was able to walk on water. The true miracle was that Peter unknowingly could too.

We are not able to locate and isolate our inherent superpowers because of how divided society is. We are chasing for money and success. Yet I feel that society has had us look the other way from the direction I am pointing to.

When we look back as a species someday in the future in the light of who we TRULY are with our superpowers intacts, I want to be the person that says you know what, I was in resonance.

I was on the path and even though other people didn’t see it, at least this is where I chose to build my business. I built it on the ground of hopefully evolving people to be their best. While everyone was chasing technology, I took the courage to build superhero’s.

Grab a pen and paper to start to figure out how you can develop this force.

Write your talents and gifts to create this differential power. Fine tune and master these talents consciously to develop this super force.

The differential force is unstoppable.

Let’s say LeBron James is on the court, and he has someone guarding him, or you have Michael Jordan maybe playing against another guard, you can literally see this force. It’s like the steam I was talking about and it makes the one who achieved mastery look even better because of the difference in skill!

Seeing some of these athletes really dominate and you’re able to physically see this truth that really remains on a mental level.

At its core level, differential power is the ultimate power because It calls you to mastery.

When you see it, it’s astonishing.

This force allows MJ to jump and soar through the sky.
It allows fighters to really conquer.

We too can also identify and master this force.

We want to build it to be as powerful as it can be so that eventually one day we can use it to help the world.

To help humanity when they need it most.

When I figured out that I wanted to be a writer, I was very young.

I was only a little child of three or four. I would take a pencil and paper that was lying around and I would squiggle lines on the paper.

I would pretend as if I was a doctor or a writer or some type of intellectual and that I was writing phenomenal masterpieces.

Even though it was just squiggles, I was pretending I was a phenomenal legendary writer.

When I grew up, I stayed true to this.

It was a natural gift and ability that I had just like music.

I became an author of self development, human evolution and deep spirituality.

Then I wrote Winnie the Pooh Reimagined when Winnie the Pooh was released into public domain in 2022. It was then that the differential power started to show.

I was Looking at any area to help people become stronger or better in their life and dedicating my life to make a living from that through my faith in Christ.

Winnie the Pooh was the ironically the hardest book for me to write because of what society had labeled me vs. who I knew I was. Even still, I wrote the book to brighten the lives of children in hopes that my truth in Christ would be revealed.

Let me tell you something… In this world, there has been no harder endeavor for me to take on, especially in these times. The great news is I completed the book, and it will pass on joy even after I am not here to be falsly accused or labeled.

Christ reveals that our words are our truth, so I let Pooh speak for me.

In my seminars, you guys will hear my story and how things really went down and how the chips fell.
Here’s the thing. When you put a book like Being Superman or Christ vs Disney on the table next to another author’s, the differential is there.

Why? It wasn’t how fancy I could write, how deep the plot or any of that! It was because I stuck to my truth. If you were to know my truth, then you would witness a differential in the world of literature. Which is my gift to the world

It doesn’t matter what book you put next to it. The truth of my story provides the differential.

You can put the secret, You can put the seven laws of success, Harry Potter…whatever!

It doesn’t really matter.

When you put my writing next to someone else’s in this game, when I pull out Winnie the Pooh or Saliva of Christ, the truth prevails.

Listen…you can’t write books outside of what you are! My books and writings prove my truth. My pen is my superpower!

Guys, seriously, wake up early on January 1 because I’m releasing Winnie the Pooh reimagined.

I was finally able to claim this asset from Disney from Public Domain.

After a long awaited release of its public domain, I reimagined all the characters and reimagined the entire story to become more modernized.

From the early 1900s into a new cuter Pooh for our millennials and their children to enjoy.

This is the superpower of difference.

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