5Crown Module Program

Module 1:   Welcome to the program! I couldn’t tell you how much work I put into this new and improved trading system so you can take your life to the Next Level!  Each Module should take about 10 minutes of actual listening time and about 3 days of self learning for program mastery!

Also download Your 5Crown 40 Day Devotional called “The Royalist” below.  The book was created to guide you into the kingdom Mindset as you learn This module series which should take 40 days and 40 nights.  It’s free!


Module 2:   This is the 2nd Module Cadets!  These audios are loaded with information and knowledge that has been carefully chosen for you to master.  Don’t just listen to the module but do online research until you master the topics and definitions discussed!

Module 3:   Interest is something that is discussed by Jesus in the book of Matthew and is a inflow of wealth advised by his kingdom.  We will use the strongest interest strategy called “Compound Interest!”  This Module gives you the keys.

Module 4:  This is a very important Module!  We learn which application we need to reach out 5 year, 1 billion dollar goal together!  The true beauty about 5CROWN is we all share the same goal, 1 Billion dollars in 5 years of trading. This is one of the biggest goals shared by a Christian Community in human history.

Module 5:   Remember to use these modules to facilitate self learning.  In other words, this information is your foundation to build upon.  Always be on the look out for more trading knowledge and know that only experience can get you the Crown.

Module 6:  Wow Now your Rolling!  Doesn’t it feel great that your new life in Christ has brought you to 5CROWN where you will be given a Crown in Christ called Financial Freedom?  Each Day, use your Royalist Devotional to bring more insight for what God has in store for you!

Module 7:  When we are trading for God, we become players in the kingdom of Christ.  We now can sow into the kingdom and support our church and others.  When we are trading without our Lord, we become fearful, selfish and greedy.  Plus we win more.

Module 8:   We can trade with Gods Courage or we can do this with our own strength.  He can guide us into trades that will be life trading, and I provided you the technique to let those profits run.  Your Crown is close .

Module 9:  God created us so we can link to his majestic intelligence.  This is what will put us ahead of the rest.  Please also invest in my 5Crown Blueprint and 2 week personal training, where we get you rolling…Fast.  399.99$  By supporting us with this investment, you help other receive their crown as well.  Think of it, 399$ for a Billion Dollar Goal.  Christ Power…

Module 10:  Looking up to God for his Glory is essential for a Believer of Christ.  Everything else is secondary.  Let us place faith in Christ that we can extend his kingdom with our 5CROWN skill-set.

Module 11:  Your almost a 5Crown trader!  At the end of this Program, I will provide you links to even more free content, including our Cryptocurrency King Video course, ( Over 40 Video’s and also our program called 13 ways to trade so you can build confluence!  Don’t forget to purchase our 5CROWN Blueprint and 2 week one and one training.

Module 12:  Looking to God is looking to the future, Looking to The world is looking to the past.  Let us put trust in our Lord to guide us into bright decisions.  5CROWN is not just for you but entire family to build generational wealth.  The more Crowns the better.

Final Module:

You now have the Gold to mold your crown.  Use all this knowledge and gain experience.  We will provide you everything you need on this journey.  We also will offer you prayer, regularly updated content and a home at 5crown.  God bless you.

Bonus Module

Bonus Module #2







Purchase Your Blueprint which is a essential component to this Module here.  Once purchased you will be entered into our 5CROWN community and receive your Ebook, Blueprint and 1 on 1 two week training.

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