The 6 Pillars of is really excited to roll out six products that will inevitably change the world. Six Pillars standing for the real man moving toward a decision of heroic living.

On the product section in the top menu are six engineered products that define our business. They are puzzle pieces to the bigger picture of what heroism is about.

We have Cryptocurrency King, which teaches anyone how to trade not just in the crypto market but in any market! It’s a million dollar skill set and it’s a superpower in this world.

We feel that wealth is essential to be a real life superhero. The complimentary product is E-commerce Entrepreneur. This product teaches you how to engineer digital product by doing what you love. We then show you a secret sales funnel set up that lands you hundreds of leads per day!

For the superhero focused on physical confidence , we offer a complimentary pairing of beauty and strength.

We offer Structural Training which literally doubles your strength by teaching you how to access your somatic nervous system. Superpowers do exist.

To complement that program, we offer Beautigena. which reverses the aging process in the face by very powerful face exercises that strengthen the muscles in the face, thus bringing about more natural beauty.

We also offer exfoliating and moisturizing products as optional add ons. The state of the art Beautigena program only uses the most exotic flowers in the world.

All products complementing each other bring further dimension to our superhero emulation experience.

The fifth and sixth products also complement each other. Superman Mind, our very first product built around the founders book that he wrote for his unborn son. The book is called “Being Superman.”

He pretty much built the business around this mindset of teaching our future Sons and Daughters how to be more heroic.

Trust me, we push our limits to the superhero level, which is possible. He also built the site, so that we can start enjoying a community built around confidence and courage.

The last product is called Superman graduates, a online school where you experience just that! Take on classes where you can gain real life superpowers.

This Online Institute is available on the site.

You also have access to Games, Art, Music and comics to really have fun in the process of learning! is our desire for righteousness and to serve God, through hard work and courage, in a way where all people can be connected

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