Generational Wealth

One thing that’s not spoken about much in today’s generation is generational wealth. We don’t really speak about it much in school. We don’t really speak about it much in the government. We don’t really speak about much of it at all because we’re not learning about it. It has been reserved as elite knowledge.

I think now’s a perfect time, if we are to take Superpower Thinking to the next level, we would have to focus on generating generational wealth. It is a superthought.

Learning and growing through these products and this community is also setting a foundation up for our future. Are our Generations going to live more heroically?

Our actions that we’re taking now affect the people of the future. Our thoughts stay on the level of creation and there’s nothing that we don’t think that’s not going to be created in some way or form. It’s important for us to stick together. Who is affirming heroism as a theme in their business in todays market? Who is courageous enough to put the word superpower in their business title?

Could you imagine if the Justice League didn’t stick together or the X-men didn’t stick together? They will be defeated. Now is the time to focus on what’s more important. Is the most important thing our family? What is the most important thing we can give to our family?

A heroic future? A successful future? This is what Superpower Thinking is about. It’s about us growing together to be the most courageous, creative and confident. We can build this type of foundation for the future of our family.

Generational Wealth is something that no one really speaks about yet is one of the most important emphasis of business.

The Special thing about is the platform.

The truth is, if thought doesn’t have an outlet to evolve and to grow and become stronger, then evolution cannot occur. We will be stuck in the same mundane thinking for another millennium.

We as a community make a difference.

The secret is that generational wealth begins with us. We have to be the Superman of our own life, so that we can bring up superheroes of our future.

Here’s the thing.

Children don’t learn through telling them what to do.

I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t learn a thing in school, from kindergarten all the way up to 12th grade. I didn’t learn anything.

I’m just being honest with you.

There was not one ounce of superpower thinking in the school system that has been implemented for us and our future.

What we realize is that, as children and as developing youngsters, we don’t learn from what people say, we learn from what people do.

This is why is so integral. We are going to be shaping our thought system so that we can do more. If we do more, we’re teaching our children to do more.

Jesus Christ says it best.

You can tell if one is good or evil through their fruit, through their children. Children don’t learn from what their parents say to them, they learn from what their parents are doing.

The child grows up either to be a good person or a bad person in their own eyes.

School doesn’t make a difference.

School is just for accreditation to get a certain diploma or degree.

That is the standard we have to meet for our society. But it’s deeper than that.


There’s a program on this website called E-commerce Entrepreneur.

This program is complementary to another program of ours, Cryptocurrency King.

These two programs combined naturally produce generational wealth.

If you’re learning how to trade in the program called Cryptocurrency King, you also learn how to trade in any market.

When you learn how to become an E commerce entrepreneur through the E commerce Entrepreneur program, you learn how to build any business and you can help any existing business in the realm of E-commerce.

These two complementary programs are amazing for taking action and to start facilitating generational wealth. It’s time to lay down the seeds now.

The E commerce entrepreneur program actually facilitates your ability to learn and create sales funnels. You create three pages that magnetize a potential customer from free content that you create.

We teach you how to implement a thank you page which warms them up and explains what your actual website is offering. This generates leads in a Sophisticated fashion.

We then lead potential prospects into actual products, where we can make profit.

Aaron Chen has a program called the Invincible Marketer.

We took that program and built upon it.

With the E-commerce Entrepreneur Program, you unearth your superpowers.

Your talents and gifts are made marketable and you can make products with them.

How does this pertain to generational wealth?

Now your children are going to learn how to take what they love to do and they’re going to become heroic and start making actual assets out of them.

They’re going to learn how to monetize them.

And the tradition will move on.

You won’t just create a extra branch in your family tree, but a new Root.

Everytime someone reads one of these posts, it’s a decision to read it and to take action. Get involved. Contact us on the chatbox. Start talking with us. We’ll answer back we’ll help you with whatever you need.

Pertaining to confidence or courage, we feel we are pioneers in this economy.

We’re here to help you transform your life and your future into that person that you want to be!

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