Super Image Thinking

Hey guys, back with another Superpower Thinking Superpower for all of you Superpower Thinkers!

This is what we call, Super Imaging.

What we do is omit all words in our thinking and only use imagery.

For example, if you plan to go on a date… You wouldn’t say, What should I wear? Or, Where will we eat? You would just throw up pictures of you looking good, imaging where you can eat, etc,

What this does is, make your mind super fast. Cutting out the vocabulary attached to our thinking is like dropping a huge weight off your shoulders!

At first it may seem and feel foreign but with time and practice you will see you mind moving at incredible speeds that are way beyond the capacity of our normal thinking with dialogue.

When your planning, creating, working or visualizing, do it with only imagery. In time you will get better and better. Start out at first with a 1 minute session. Then try for 5 minutes. Then try for an entire half an hour! Not only is it effective, but it’s fun!

I think this will also make you a better visualizer and creative in the process. Whenever you mind feels boggy or you need to be lifted to a higher vibration, try this.

The science behind this is that your cutting out the middle man. Instead of your mind having to decode words into images, you are now cutting out the energy needed to decode words and using that to create super powerful or optimal images in your mind directly.

Sounds neat right?! What’s even more extraordinary is that this superpower intensifies when you do it while listening to the music you love without vocals.

Try it out! You will be glad you did. We are happy to help prepare you for your super powerful and heroic journey ahead. Stay tuned!

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