Freelancers are the Superhero’s of our future!

What’s is the secret to our business?

The secret is freelancing. For the community, we’re going to be using the freelancing market, and this is one of the biggest growing markets that is available on the internet. We’re going to be using this market to expand our business beyond what we dream imaginable. A lot of these freelancers, they are incredibly talented and they’re asking for a very, very affordable price for their work. I’m getting logos, website design, traffic, editing for my books at rates that are just unbelievable. I usually do a lot of my work on, and I suggest that you go on F.Y.I, there’s many other freelancing sites and this market is going to grow.

As a Ecommerce entrepreneur, your going to start really focusing on freelancers and getting friendly with them. If we like a freelancer that we work with, and they have a good price, they have a good work ethic, then we keep that freelancer, we let them know that we love their work, we let them know they’re the greatest. We treat them like royalty.
Then, the next project that we get from them, they’re going to do an even better job because of how good you’re treating them. Your always telling them they are the greatest, you’re telling them they’re the best. You’re telling them you love how much their work is, how you love the quality of their work. You’re telling them that you’re going to take care of them, that you’re going to order more work, and you just keep giving them positive input. When you need more work in the future, they’ll be right there for you and they’ll give you really top-quality work. The same quality you would pay an employee with the salary you’re going to be getting for a couple of hundred dollars.

I just had one of my website extensions done from a super freelancer called beautify a. The product design for Beautigena was done by freelancers. The logo for Beautigena was done by freelancers. And I’ll tell you the honest truth that if I was to do this by the normal conventional route, they would have charged me thousands and thousands of dollars, even to get the website extension complete. I would have been 50-grand in the hole. I only paid about four or 5 hundred. In a previous blog, I explain how these super freelancers can help convert your money into more buying power.

Let us honor the power of freelancers.

Freelancers are going to be getting much more money in the future than they are now because of the expansion of where freelancing is going in the future on the internet. Remote work is in the rise and so is the need for these individuals.

It’s a good time to start focusing on these opportunities that we have, with freelancing. If we want to get traffic to our website, social media advertising, find influencers, find business opportunities, freelancers can help.

If you want to learn how to build a website and how to create your own landing pages, I teach you the system of how I made from scratch literally from nothing, with the help of these super hero’s!

You can get a website done for like 25-30 bucks through freelancing.

The future of Superpower Thinking is going to primarily be freelancers and independent business owners.

This is a great model!

Let’s say you have 100 independent business owners by the end of the year, and each one of them is selling, let’s say $3,000 per week, you don’t really need to work anymore.

Within five years, you could have about 500 to 1000 independent business owners and you’re making a percentage off of all of their sales. Plus, you’re making a commission off of the people that they signed up. So, that alone is going to be an enormous benefit and profit for you. But what we’re going to suggest to all of them is the power of freelancing, and how they’re going to be able to build their own business, very affordably through these freelancers that are really creating top quality work.

If your building a business with IBO, tell them, “I’ll give you a list of my freelancers. And you can work with them. “

The secret is, you have about 100,000 to a million freelancers on this site.
So, you have to find the good ones that do the work, that are really talented, gifted at what they do. They listen and do what’s told of them. They communicate with you well, and speak proper English. These freelancers are gems and your Ibo’s will appreciate the list.

For those of you working with our E-commerce Entrepreneur Program, goal is to have done all the work already for the independent business owner.

They are hitting the ground running, you know. Listen, your making a percentage off of their sales, so you want them well equipped.

Why not give them the best?

You want to make your independent business owners as successful as you, if not more successful.

So here’s the breakdown.

1. you find great freelancers on these sites treat them like gold, treat them, like family, and keep them in your database.

2. When you sign independent business owners up, give the freelancers more business by giving your independent business owners their name.

3. Create a great relationship with these freelancers, so that they want to work with (Or your company, if a visiting reader)

It’s a great tool to be able to work in business and offer this superpower list!

Say to your colleagues, “ If you have any more questions about freelancing, or how to find freelancers to help build your business, and to get you to the commission rate that you desire, or to get the amount of conversions that you desire, please contact me and I will give you a list of my freelancers from my database.” By does this set you apart from the rest!

This is what real business is all about. Its not just money we are after! It’s about connection, family, and it’s about helping each other be the best we can.

My goal for all of us is to make each other Billionaires . If there’s not a billionaire in this company, then we should be working together to make that person a billionaire.

With that mindset, we’ll be very successful together, and we’ll have fun, we’ll have a great time doing it. These products are really high vibrational, and great quality. We want to do the best for ourselves but we also want to do the best for the others in this business and that’s really what the opportunity was all about. To give you guys an opportunity to connect and to lift each other up and to make each other superheroes.

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