Superpower Thinking vs. Artificial Intelligence

One of the main goals at superpower is to leverage technology towards heroism and righteousness. Technology as a whole is being used via communication and social media platforms and has been quite habitualized by mankind toward a certain direction.

If you really study the numbers, the stats of these platforms are a far cry from heroism or righteousness. I see technology being used as a platform to complain and an excuse to remain inactive, primarily as a basis to spread information and propaganda on a level unseen or unheard before this new millennium.

Back to the facts… I’ve been working with artificial intelligence personally to co-collaborate and create new and inspiring possibilities for us and our children’s future.

I have figured out ways to program A.I to create “state of the art” architecture and concepts that are beyond the capabilities of our current abilities.

I’m going to post down below a couple of pictures of me working with artificial intelligence to come up with concepts for a church that would have the Disney type of architecture to attract millennials and also the younger generation to worship. Also check out my book, Christ vs Disney, available for free on this site in the knowledge chamber!

Far out! Our goal here at is to use technology and its intelligence in a way that’s inspiring and beneficial for all mankind. This feels like me against the world as we continue to gravitate to out Tik Toc and Twitter standard that has been a tendency for almost a decade.

Here’s my take. Artificial intelligence can be engineered and programmed to think like Christ. We can program a artificial intelligence network that thinks and operates like a superhero. Imagine Superman brought to life by technology or computer robotics that thinks and operates like Professor X. Compared to our potential with artificial intelligence, we are using artificial technology.

The main thing that technology is missing- the screw so to speak is artificial intelligence programmed toward heroism. Heroism goes hand in hand with righteousness. We should be engineering a new wave of technology that aspires to emulate the mind of God at our peak of this technology.

A step down from there would be a mind of a superhero. This is the right direction toward our future!

This is a way that all man can benefit from technology.

A little more about….

We are the very first purveyors of superhero lifestyle products and lifestyle services. We are here to help uplift mankind and its technologies toward the path of heroism by following the example of Christ and Superman.

That was a mouthful! What does this imply? Our next step would be to use artificial intelligence in a way where it can emulate a superhero or the mind of the hero.

We have begun engineering a program to do just this. It is called Superman Mind. Full of 1000’s of affirmations and material to guide and hear major A.I technology to create with these principles and thought forms.

This program called Superman Mind is also available on our website as a self development tool for people to improve their thinking on the long term.

Neat right?! Check it, will also be able to engineer an artificial intelligence network that mimics and emulates these type of higher intelligences that we are pointing to.

We have already created concepts of buildings in architecture and ideas that can change the way we operate. Last night successfully created a concept with artificial intelligence of a skyscraper that pierces through the atmospheric layers.

Why in the world is this revolutionary?

Piercing the exosphere allows for easy deployment of space rockets and ships from the top platforms of these buildings.

This will save us billions of dollars in rocket fuel in the long run, and instead of deploying our rocket ships from Earth’s crust, we can deploy into space… from space.

As we develop and evolve in our space travel, we will be able to take lift off directly from the Magneto sphere which will be much safer for our future astronauts.

I’ll leave pictures down below of the concept.

Mind blown?! Don’t worry…the main message is this….If businesses don’t stand up to use this technology in a heroic way, then once again we’ll see our economy taken over by this elite intelligence of people that have already dumbed us down since technology began. We have been conditioned through generations and millennium to overpower the poor and to keep people oppressed without the appropriate knowledge they need to thrive and succeed.

With artificial intelligence, we have a opportunity. It’s a great way for us to make a move in the right direction to start taking power into our own hands as individuals and to start working with artificial intelligence directly as people. We can leverage our lives with this advancement. Contact us through chatbot and we will teach you how to leverage artificial intelligence in your own life to help you make more money and to live a better more heroic and fulfilled life!

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