Super Heart Power

We cannot have super thoughts without the enormous power of our heart energy. When we look at Superman, we see that his symbol is on his chest. This represents his heart.

The S on his Chest is a sign from Krypton meaning hope.

Hope is a form of love.

Heart energy makes our intelligence stronger. The heart intelligence doesn’t go by IQ. It goes by EQ. Emotional Intelligence.

If you build your love by loving more, your heart intelligence will increase. They talk about getting good grades by using the brain but out true intelligence is to love.

The more you love from the heart, especially with others, the more likely you will continue to think from that place thus increasing heart intelligence.

The waves and oscillations of the heart are much more deep and powerful than any other vibration in the body, including the brain. Using this vibration to circulate thoughts will allow you to generate super thoughts.

We can circulate thoughts from the heart just you can circulate blood from the heart.

Aligning our mind into our heart when we solve problems and reach for creative possibilities become achievable when we build our love strong enough.

The vibration of love does not emanate out from us from our head, it emanates out from our heart sphere! Conscious intelligence like intuition, paradigm shifting, well being, sustainability and coexistence all share a bond with the heart-mind connection.

Having a bond between the heart and the mind will create super thoughts that are magnified by the intensity of the vibration of love. A balloon without air is like a thought without heart intelligence.

We have more powerful thoughts than we normally would have with this untold knowledge.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you’re at the beach.

One person’s at the beach and he’s thinking about grabbing a drink from the cooler.

All right, he’s using his head.

Pretty smart thought.

But the other man is using his heart and says “I love the planet and I want to go explore the life here.”

The electromagnetic field of the heart is now across the entire beach and he’s going to be producing higher vibration thoughts. He’s going to start thinking about solutions. He’s going to start thinking about Super actions.

We look at the level of vibration here at these two me and there is just a higher Hz frequency from the explorer.

Thinking from this higher place has obvious benefits and must be conditioned just like any other intelligence we hold.

We want to keep our heart healthy and these love-thoughts are the main way to keep our heart strong.

Have you conditioned yourself to think in a loving manner?

Non-Love covers over our heart intelligence that many of us are missing.

The intelligence of love allows us to become smarter. Not only this, but once conditioned, we can generate super thoughts. Obviously this is not what Harvard is preaching but having this wealthy knowledge allows you to go beyond your textbooks into super thought.

Being around people that are loving will increase the power of our intelligence.

With this energy field, we can take more action, improve our aura, elevate our health and improve the quality of our life, plus our well being.

The People you are around will either open or close this energy field around you. It is difficult using this heart field if you’re around people that are closing this field off! We see this today, where we complain on a large scale via social media.

Yes, you can close off your intelligence and the super thoughts that your body can produce!

When I write books, I write them from my heart. It increases my intelligence and helps those around me! Together we can be more open with the Christly knowledge of love and live from a higher place!

Eventually, these type of vibrations and frequencies will heal us on a D.N.A level, and is a key to our progression and evolution.

These waves and vibrations of the heart are so strong that we even have sonic recollection through stethoscope placement and observation! It is a powerful place to live and think from. Lub, Dub, Lub, Dub. From this place is the origin of our health and also our super thought. It’s not just a physical place but spiritual. Physically we hear, lub, but spiritually we hear…Love.

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