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What is the difference between intelligence and thinking?

This post is focused on gaining higher intelligence, which is conventionally frowned upon.

The IQ system has been framed to say that you are a certain intelligence and you must stay within that intelligence category. I completely disagree with this paradigm.

The first way that we’re going to understand the difference between intelligence and thinking is through dissection.

We need to separate a entirely different possibility from this numerical values Intelligence scale. Human intelligence should not be scaled at such a low number as 140-180 etc when we are potentially infinite in certain aspects of our lives.

Are we bound by a numerically valued IQ, saying that we are destined and bound to be a certain level of intelligence our entire life?

What if this is untrue?

We have recently proved out the fact of neurogenesis. What is the greatest capability of neurogenesis we will discover as mankind in our future? Would this be inhibited by our IQ scale system?

The truth is that we can grow in intelligence dramatically.

We can do this through

1. Meditation.

2. Emotional Releasing

3. Scriptural knowledge and application.

There are many other ways that we can increase our intelligence past our perceived level. Our intelligence is not fixed! If you were to sit down and take an IQ test at you’re peak of anger, you’re not going to score as strong as when happy.

Intelligence is supposed to be understood with its counterpart-emotional depth and well being.

The deeper depth you have emotionally and the deeper depth you have mentally the brighter your thoughts will become. I have practiced emotional release therapy for over 10 years and as a result, became a creative superpower.

I literally have methods and modalities to create unlimited content in any creative endeavor.

I’ve personally chose authorship and songwriting and can produce the very best out there at an unlimited amount time. Super thought?

The only limitation to me is editing.

I have 15 books that are published one of them is a public domain called Winnie the Pooh Reimagined… A Billion dollar asset!

I have the goal right now to create 300 gospel songs, which honestly, between me and you, is not an obstacle for me because of my techniques.

These type of super thoughts would not be optional without the superpower thinking mindset. This is why is so important for me to share with as many people as we can.

We start to think like a superhero and ride above even our own perception of what our future holds.

I am currently finishing the novel called, Mickey Mouse (Steam Boat Willy). Yet another billion dollar asset that I was able to add to my portfolio of assets.

Would this be considered intelligence? It doesn’t change my IQ….

Guys, I Became more intelligent! The answer is yes! Even though I have learned how to process more information and at a more efficient rate toward my success and happiness, The IQ standard would say that I stayed the same intelligence the whole time. Yes we can get smarter!

Even people that did not have access to logic and reasoning would come up with the same conclusion.

Before my emotional releasing, I couldn’t even finish a song I was too anxious, let alone write a book.

Now I have the superpower thinking website with over six programs to help people transform their lives. I have over a dozen books. I have four albums, since I began my journey. Now, I want to help you.

The counterpart of thought is feelings. Obviously then, the sibling relationship between intelligence via logic and reasoning

and emotional depth and well being is a junction that is more solid then what intelligence has been deemed by mainstream Western psychology and science.

Once again, I say to you, intelligence is different than thinking.

Our intelligence is the power that our mind has. Out thinking is the capability our brain process.

This is why people like Einstein didn’t excel in the school system. They are focused on thinking, not true intelligence .

The brain is able to produce thoughts and solve problems but the mind can produce worlds and create solutions.

Unfortunately, in today’s society, intelligence is being measured by how we can make problems or create problems.

We see this with lawyers, scientist, Doctors, etc.

Some deemed to be the most intelligent beings by societal standard yet responsible for creating the most documented problems in history.

True intelligence would be focusing on forgiveness and like things because the mind can offer solution.

Forgiveness is the solving of most problems when it comes to human relations.

We can measure this through outcomes of forgiveness versus unforgiveness. It’s a no brainer. Where is the power of forgiveness in our textbook? The most intelligent formula yet completely omitted.

Thoughts are the quality of of one’s conditioned brain, but a persons reality is being perceived within the mind. Can this suggest that relationship and environment would produce a higher intelligence eventually in a individual?

Thoughts are nothing in of themselves just as gas is useless without a vehicle.

Vice versa, if you have a Lamborghini

but it has no gas in it, what good is that Lamborghini?

Not very good. Our school systems do not have the gas necessary to fuel brilliant minds and often times mistake these kids as incompetent or delinquent. Like the IQ quotient , teachers are fueling all kids with the same gas so to speak when they all have different vehicles.

Would Mozart as a child get along in todays school system or labeled special? These type of characters start to question themselves and often their gifts are repressed and stay latent on our institutional structures.

Emotional well being is also another foundational counterpart. You cannot divide a thought but you can fragment the mind through emotional repression.

Emotional repression is growing. Teachers cannot even touch students in certain schools!

Truly intelligent people are able to express thought more freely when emotionally free.

To reiterate this, you put a Michelangelo into a high school and he might not get good grades. You could put a Leonardo da Vinci into an elementary school and he may grow emotionally repressed by being unable to express through the workload. He might even be called one of the special kids eventually.

There grades belittle them yet Their mind is bigger than they know.

In society, we don’t accept that if we don’t fit within the confines of the IQ structure, and how we’re teaching people arithmetic etc. what was Michelangelo’s IQ? Did that define his genius.

We do not consider certain people intelligent and completely disagrees with this standard.

It’s important to know that intelligence of a person shouldn’t just be measured by societal standards, but it should also hold in place its counterparts such as emotional well being.

Assessing someone’s abilities is crucial! Not primarily through grades and IQ quotient, but how creative they are in the areas of their innate talents and gifts.

Doing this habitually in the school setting will ultimately increase their intelligence exponentially to the point where this person will be a superpower thinker.

Another topic is how we are using our online platforms.

We have beta males that are in control of the masses. Many are Homosexuals. Our intelligence is geared to follow true leaders and to be aligned with the fertility of life.

We have people that are not strong asnot leaders at all and they create these profiles making it seem like they’re a God almost.

Beta males with profiles and a following as that of a czar or a baron. At a young age we are now following these characters and paying the pice because on a evolutionary scale our intelligence is conducive to true leadership!

On a subconscious level we sense this and it insults our mind and intelligence. This can also effect our emotional status as well. Think about it, how would Alexander the Great feel about staying subordinate to a Mark Zuckerberg.

We have to find balance in our intelligence allowing our intelligence to unearth by releasing these emotions and finding emotional well being which this system is resisting against.

The system is created for us to be emotionally repressive and emotionally suppressive which ultimately makes it almost impossible to unearth our innate intelligence, effecting our hormones as well as our brain chemical composition.

The productivity of our mind produces thoughts that are subpar that to our natural intelligence because of this environment. The new social media herd mentality is the straw breaking the camels back.

Alot of people have heart intelligence that is enormous. People hard wired to think from their heart yet following beta males and gays as their new leaders.

And a lot of these thoughts that are stemming from that heart intelligence which is super powerful, are being blocked or dumbed down or repressed suppressed by society as a whole now

The result is, you have a new social norm and a society which is completely numbing in effect.

Superpower thinking is here to help us build a community so we can UnEarth our natural intelligence and find what direction our intelligence lies.

It’s not a generalistic IQ that will help us succeed! Our brain is not a “one shoe fits all.”

We all have an innate natural intelligence that’s genuine to us personally. We have to find and fit into our very own intelligence not for our intelligence to fit into an IQ or into societal standards.

When we make this shift, the quality of our thinking will turn from mundane into a higher quality of expression.

The confidence of a true leader will arise and we can identify once again as being a superpower thinker.

I think we’re literally able to create superpowers with our mind personally. I personally think this because of my faith in Christ and what he was doing with his mind.

Its time to be the black sheep.

We are being dumbed down and superpower thinking is here to help us with that , so support us. Listen none of us are perfect but my belief is that we are all superpower thinkers. Get involved now.

The more help I get, the more we can help each other.

Lets towards helping our family in our future and our children and our generational integrity. Im calling on you to give from you heart the time need to learn my material.

I’m calling on you to get involved contact me let’s do something together. Let’s build

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