The power of Neutralization

A powerful superthought is the thought of neutralization. I feel that as superheroes, we should also consider being neutralizers. I think it’s a role that isn’t discussed much and truly I desire for this role to arise in society.

Anything in this world can be neutralized.

We learn through our knowledge that in order to deal with something as a problem, we must overcome it. We must destroy it. In other words…We must resist it, we must fight it.

What if that’s not the very best solution? The best solution is our superthoughts and one of them is called neutralization.

I was living in Charleston before I moved to Hawaii, a very historical city, during a very difficult time in my life. I needed to make money fast and no one would hire me due to my background.

The city was very big on cuisine. I would get hired in all types of restaurants because everyone needed help due to the tourists. Long story short, I ended up becoming a chef for a good while. One thing that you learn as a chef is that if one ingredient is to bitter or pungent, then you can add other flavors to neutralize and balance that flavor.

Most people would unknowingly be spitting out the sour ingredient, saying how disgusting it is.

Here’s the magic. You can add a different flavor from another side of the taste palette spectrum.

With this wisdom, you’d have an utterly delicious complex flavor.

This is what we do.

We taste the flavor in life—someone we don’t like, a certain irritable circumstance going on in our life, and we spit it out of our mouth.

What if these experiences are just like the ingredient in the kitchen that’s too pungent?

What if there’s another aspect of your life, another ingredient so to speak, to balance the palette of life and to neutralize that flavor?

Not only would there be no more pungency but through that neutralization you’d have an even more delicious complex flavor of life.

For example, you’re at the beach and it’s too hot…

your absolutely miserable!

Your friend says, “hold on, I’m going go get some pina coladas.” Your friend then comes back with pina coladas.

Something has changed. The conditions have been neutralized. The combination of the heat at the beach and the cold refreshing sensation of the heavenly Pina Colada creates an absolutely nostalgic effect. Now I’m in the mood for a slushy!

This is an example of taking these ingredients of life and not getting rid of them or resisting them but complexifying them.

You didn’t leave the beach and say, let’s get some air conditioning. You neutralized the situation by adding another ingredient to the mix.

Not only that, but you created a extremely memorable time in history.

This is the power of neutralization.

Depending on how good of a neutralizer we become is depending on how complex we can make life’s flavors. It may take time but will add euphoria to your experience.

This can push the limits on how exotic our life can become.

Let’s face it, we’re not going to get rid of the difficult times of our life.

We’re not going to get rid of the hot days. We’re not going to get rid of the rainy, stormy weather. The annoying people will still show up.

Pain will still be villainous. We’re not going to get rid of the difficulties that come with this life but they can be neutralized with other aspects of our life.

Use this superthought and create complex flavour in your experience.

If your reading this book, join me and together, as a league , become neutralizers.

I think this is one of the superpowers that would really help us become more heroic because we’re not going to be fighting everything. We’re not going to be resisting everything.

Sometimes we resist so much that we end up missing the good parts of our life. We end up resisting because we’re just so conditioned to fighting and what society has taught us to do. This is why Jesus Christ said turn the other cheek and forgive your enemies. We do this to save energy and preserve our life.

There’s other aspects of life we can focus! With superthoughts, we can start to mold and shape our life and use these things to bring more complexity to ourselves.

Listen to this… only a select few in this world would be able to eat aloe vera on its own.

It’s just too bitter. Most people spit it up.

The benefits of aloe vera are uncountable. It’s a great addition to the diet but our body literally rejects it, if we eat it raw.

It purifies the blood. It purifies the lymphatic system.

The compounds in this plant are super powerful and it can help with superpower thinking. It accelerates wound healing endogenously and if you use it on your skin topically, it will accelerate wound healing exogenously.

I think it holds chemical properties that can assist in long term treatment for disease and even possible cures.

Why when we taste Aloe Vera would we consider it a harmful plant?

Well first off , when you look at the plant, it is intimidating. There are ragged sharp edges and the shape of the plant itself is like a dagger!

It looks downright dangerous.

It’s sharp, it’s thorny, you try to hold it you could possibly even hurt yourself.

Here’s the key. When I combine this with other flavors like ginger, soy sauce, white rice, herbs, peppers and aromatics like tyme or basil, and I mix that with the aloe together, maybe sprinkle some brown sugar, then what we have is aloe vera being a cornerstone for a delicious dish.

A once bitter plant that you would throw out now has become a delicacy,

This world is dangerous and many things in it seem intimidating, but we can neutralize these objects in our life like the aloe Vera.

No matter what you face or have going on in your life, you can actually discover a more rich, complex lifestyle that adds to your experience. Neutralization is a great superthought and can help us become more powerful and healthy.

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