Beyond Thinking

In this chapter we will talk about what is beyond your super thoughts. I want to go even deeper into the mind and explore what is beyond your super intelligence.

The clarity and purity of your mind lies in the balance of your thoughts vs your non thinking self.

Yes, I said it! Your non thinking self!

I think as a superhero, this will be how you harness the strongest mind.

This will make your intellect one of the highest in the universe. You have a intellect that is connected to the clearest and purest intelligences that exists.

This is hidden in all divine teachings. “Be still and know that I am God.” When you become comfortable with you non-thinking self, then you can produce as big of thoughts as you desire.

You have an entire persona that is superhuman in nature. It’s on the other side of thought. It is called the non-thinking self.

You practice not thinking and also focusing on the Gaps between thoughts. If thoughts arise, accept them fully and notice what is beyond.

This is the celestial path for most to meet there second half.

It is a place of naturalness and goodness. Superthoughts are generated from this place.

I like to generate thoughts from the place of my non thinking self. This is a much more conducive place for super thought.

This non thinking self of yours is unconsciously competent, pure and whole. It is complete in every way. This is where your thoughts can consciously interconnect for super thought creation.

This is your pure mind. Your thoughts will move freely, flow and expand.

This answers the question to, “How do I gain the clearest and purest mind so my way of life can be super in all aspects?”


“What is the clearest and purest thoughts in my mind and how can I generate more of these images in my mind?”

This also allows you to know who you are more. There is much less suppression from this place and is where all of my books and music has been created.

This is the Golden secret on how to find a expansive being of peace… simply stop thinking. If you could stop thinking for long enough, you would expand to the degree that you don’t think.

Try this and graduate onto longer periods of non thought. Then you can blend and balance your thinking self and non thinking self more and more. Without the knowledge of your Non-Thinking self would be like Clark Kent not knowing he was Superman.

Some people get here through meditation, you can get here through prayer, breath work, entering the gap in between your thoughts, releasing, sleeping, and also satisfying desires stops our thinking process momentarily.

Combining this with thought concentration that I explained in chapter four really puts you in position to have the most powerful thoughts possible. This is thought at its highest potential!

At this place you will be absorbing vast amounts of super thought energy with the space of mind to create infinitely.

This is also how we can utilize the mind properly and become a more authentic version of ourselves!

This chapter is not for society standards, you won’t see this book in your schools.

It’s for you individually to create a domino effect in your life with the dominos being super thoughts!

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