Releasing the Superhero Within

One of the greatest abilities that we have as human beings is to release our emotions and move on.

The difference between a superhero and a regular person is how long he holds on to something emotionally. Superheroes get into fights and by the end of that day, they are over it! They move on to the next thing that they have to handle in the city.

This is how they help the entire planet. Even though Superman is on Metropolis and Batman is in Gotham, they travel and fight across the world as the Justice League.

Let me ask you a question. How long do you emotionally hold on to something?

When is the quickest you can get over something?

In today’s society, were holding on to things for too long.

Whether they’re personal insults, people on the road, family fueds, whatever the case is, we hold on to things for too long.

This is also indicative that we hold on to things for too long in ourselves. Whether they be thoughts, resentments, guilts, or wishes to have things change.

When we get easily distracted or emotionally charged, most likely we’re holding on to something that has been for too long. We see a superficial problem that we blow out of proportion, but we have issues that are unresolved on a deeper level. We need forgiveness of ourselves.

One of the greatest superpowers, I believe, is to release this stuff.

Lester Levenson was a Christian that talked a lot about the Christ consciousness and who we really are in Christ. He held a lot of super thoughts.

He went on to say that we’re not just Christians, but we’re actually gods in Christ, that we are God in consciousness. Everything is One within us.

He also stated that we can’t see this because these low frequency thoughts and emotions split us into two.

Here’s the super thought… we can release this stuff.

When we do this completely, we see the God within us, which is ultimately Christ, and we become Christ.

I’m going to teach you how to do this. It’s a superpower.

Welcome up whatever’s going on. Just welcome the emotion. Welcome all the thoughts connected to the emotion.

You just ask yourself, “Can I welcome this emotion?”

Ask yourself again, “Can I welcome this emotion some more?” Ask yourself again, “Can I welcome this emotion some more”

Do this until you really feel that you’ve welcomed the emotion fully. Welcoming is synonymous with loving, being open too, embracing and accepting.

Now you can accept your emotions and thoughts without resisting them.

They will eventually be dissolved within your presence.

Keep asking that question and eventually it will be easy to welcome that emotion.

Then eventually you can release the emotion. Check out his program, It is called “The Sedona Method.“

Most of these emotions are coming from our wanting or seeking survival. We can ask “Can I welcome wanting survival?” “Can I welcome it some more?” Eventually this feeling dissolves. What your left with is the ultimate feeling of survival, your eternal presence.

This really sets us free to act and move like a superhero. We can’t really be the superpower thinker holding on to all this emotional garbage.

How are we going to act when these negative thoughts arise? Well it all depends on how much emotional baggage we carry.

When these emotions come up, welcome it, link it to wanting survival, go to your fortress of solitude, and release on it!

Then continue building on your activities, gifts and helping others! The beautiful fact about releasing is that a huge amount of super thoughts arise from welcoming instead of resisting!

From this place, you are Superman living. Do this consistently and you will uncover a whole new world of Super Thoughts!

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