Super-Father Power

The Bible is 66 books long. There is a lot of material to be researched to have a full understanding of the occurrences that took place in scripture. The more we read and learn, the more we realize, it was about a Father and a Son.

The Father power is what is the most important aspect of our life is as well.

To have a father is too have life and without one, we endure possible death.

They give us the resources that are necessary to survive. They make us feel protected. They are our Superhero.

The relation between fatherhood and God is too integral to be missed.

Jesus had a different type of Father.

God had a different type of Son.

Jesus’s Father was willing to share his dearest Son with the world and Jesus was willing to die for his Father.

God first came to Israel as a burning bush with a still small voice but revealed him self through Jesus as the all powerful Father God. The Father-Son relationship was completely One.

Jesus taught us one of the highest wisdoms of the supreme Godhead. Trough Christ’s sacrifice, we can look to God as a Father!

Jesus said that his Father is like a gardener and he is the fruit vine.

We can only produce fruit through the relationship between the Father and the Son. In order to produce fruit on our vines, we need to emulate the true vine, Jesus Christ. We may not get as high of a yield but we will produce the same fruit!

God was finally able to express himself the way he wanted through the birth of Christ.

The Father God would follow Jesus wherever he went, guiding each step, making sure the sun shined perfectly for him. Making the wind blow just right on his skin. God used his spirit to love Jesus so much that Jesus was able to love us perfectly. He would shoot rainbows across the sky for his Son. He would make stars shine brighter for his Son. He was to let us know that he was the Father of all fathers through Jesus Christ.

The sky would open up, and God would scream, “Everyone! Look this is my Son. I love him so much!” Jesus, through the love of his Father was able to do anything he wanted to. The Father stilled the waters when Jesus asked. The Father made the water solid when Jesus walked on it. His Father would revive the dead on his Son’s command. He loved Jesus so much, that he didn’t allow him to die. Jesus lived forever through the love of his father.

Jesus was perfect because of the Father God.

Then God made the Gospels for his Son.

Let me ask you a question, would you like a father like that?

This love was so enormous, that Jesus wanted to please his Father in every way. He taught people about his Father and his love. He showed us our possibilities, he fed us, healed us and he even willingly died for his Father on a Roman Cross.

This is the ultimate relationship of the Gods.

The entire existence of creation is built around the love between this Father and Son.

Jesus’s teaching was guiding us on how to please the Father.

He had to be the one to come and teach us. He did come and he taught us well.

He was humble, gentle and child-like to the world.

The Son of God has arrived and now we can be saved. Now we can receive mercy, for the Son taught us how to forgive, to be forgiven!

Now we too can be great fathers—for we know the true Son.

Now we can wield Super Christ’s, Super Father power! We can excel our future generations! We can be prosperous, wise and whole! The Father and Son have United! They are One!

The One will nurture our family tree! It will bear sacred fruit forever more! We can look up to the Father and to the Son, Christ the Messiah.

Just as the Father spends time with his Son, he will spend time with us.

Just as the Father teaches his Son, he will teach us.

Just as the Father kisses his Son, he will kiss us.

Just as much love the Father gave to the Son, we pray for the Son to give to us.

God says to us, “I am a good Father!” “ My Children are satisfied.”

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