Super Angels

Christ is in us. When we praise him, we feel the praise bubble up in our self.

Christ is also in all Angels. The same spirit lives in all of us.

All of the angels in heaven pledge allegiance to Christ.

Some worship day and night.

Can you imagine how many angels are in heaven. Their are different types of angels. We would classify them in Genus groups if it weren’t for Jesus. We have Archangels, Cherubim, Seraphim, Ophanim and many other species.

Through scripture we can see that heaven is teaming with life-maybe just as much that our world thrives-overflowing with abundance of life forms.

The Super Christ Jesus has dominion over them all.

Nothing can stand up against some these Angels. Nothing.

We have to understand that the enemy of God doesn’t have a mother. He doesn’t know love.

This kingdom has power over all, through love.

Super Christ’s power can call on any angel to give us protection.

At any moment, he can order a angel to keep post over our life. He can order Archangels.

He can call them to protect our family, our home, finances, friends, mind, body and soul.

Do you think this would improve your life a little?

It is great to understand, as we move forward in our faith, that we are not alone.

From reading the Word of God, it is possible that there are billions, possibly trillions of angels.

Our God has the power to create billions or trillions of heavens. It is fart fetched to understand the multitude of angels.

Anything is possible for him.

Upon the commandment of God and his Son Jesus Christ we gain angelic protection. Obviously we cannot prove this, but you will know you are moving in angelic light. This is a bonus of having faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Super Christ has the largest entourage of all superheroes.

Bigger then DC and Marvel Combined, is the power of just one Archangel.

The kingdom of Christ is expansive and will continue to expand through the souls of his believers in this world, until this world also becomes a kingdom of Christ.

You could only imagine how long these angel wings are. Larger then men, larger then jets, and spiritually, larger then our comprehension.

Could you imagine the colors on the wings on these archangels? Only God knows.

Now if these Archangels are around us, we will be absorbing these type of thoughts. Angels, saints, light beings, heavenly hosts surround us, all because of our simple faith in Christ. These beings are around you when you read this book. There thoughts are around and we can absorb them.

Certain angels can literally overpower any being of evil because they are submerged in the light of God Almighty. These beings look down on us when reading scripture and we get submerged. The power of heaven is in them, perfect and beautiful in every way.

They also have hearts of love that can dwarf any being not of the light.

Even though much of their existence is left to our imagination, through our faith, we pierce through imagination into our souls, where we touch these beings and feel their energy.

These angels have enormous amounts of energy and are willing to supply us light dispersions in the reverence of our savior, the Super Christ.

They are extremely musical, many of them. Playing good hearted music, such as symphonies, can attract them.

They know certain codes and sequences beyond our primitive science, that can help heal us, and make us more healthy beyond the physicians office.

When God appoints these type of angels to us, the angels are full of joy because they know that we’re on the direction towards Christ. They know that they are helping us and guiding us to a new spiritual family.

They play music for us, give us energy, pray for us, comfort us and they give us treasure.

They give us love and light as Christ nominates certain angels on our path. After reading this, pray to Christ to annoint you with angelic protection. Just simply pray, “Lord Christ, thank you for being their, please provide me protection.”

He will answer the call.

To these angels, we are the most sacred. They know we are on a path towards being One with Christ forever and ever.

They are Delighted to help us. They light up, kind of like the Human Torch, but with love flames.

Different angels have mastered different values and principalities. The main thing is to meditate on the fact that Christ has full command over there formations and actions.

We give them salutation when we pray to Christ. It is not necessary to pray to angels or any being others then Christ or to God through Christ.

These angels can make us more fortunate, energetic, and aware. They can help us with almost anything.

Being the chief commander, Super Christ has the power to appoint archangel Michael and Gabriel, as well as any other being from heaven into are lives for assistance.

This is a book that depicts Christ as a superhero and these angels exude these qualities of heroes. Some of them, quadrillions of times stronger then Superman.

This is the power of the Super Christ.

Christ is working at God speed, not light speed.

Christ is not flying around with a cape on like Superman. He does have these wings around him though. These angels protect our Fathers plan and worship God non-stop.

If you have interest in repeating this superpower for yourself, repeat these words. “Christ, I call on you today to lead my life. Help me to know you more. I want you to be my Lord and Savior. I believe that you are God. Amen.”

Always remember that Christ is in us. So when we praise him, we feel the praise bubble up in our self.

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