Super Christ

Resurrection power is found only in Christ. We don’t know actual knowledge about resurrection power other then through Christ. Resurrection means passing from this life into the life of God. True life is not found on earth with men. True life is found with God in the resurrected. The true glorious life eternal is only found in our faith of the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. This is why God designed faith to be so powerful. Without faith, this power cannot be activated. This world, in this body is a nightmare compared to our resurrected state in Christ. Those who don’t believe in Christ remain in that nightmare, and are without the resurrection power. Simple faith brings us to a eternal life of glory. Complex scientific reasoning of the heart and mind of men doom us to death. This is the reason believers have an open gate to eternity. Christ Life is resurrected happiness, joy, peace and eternality incorruptible. At the end of your faith, you are given a resurrected body, resurrected mind, and a resurrected soul. Everything about you is resurrected in God’s light.

Faith to Christ means living in honesty and following the commandments. Even simple stuff like reading the the Bible yields us resurrection power.

In return for simple child-like faith, we get a resurrection at the end of our life.

This is the reward for our journey.

Those who suffer without this reason for suffering, suffer much.

The commands God gives us are simple but not easy. You don’t need a big brain to follow his teachings, but a big heart is required.

We need to understand that it wasn’t easy for Christ when he was working so hard for others, knowing that it was rewarding him a cross. It’s also not easy for us to follow Christ amongst men.

The superpower is this…

Just like we know the result of Christ being crucified, we should know that there is extreme benefits for staying true and faithful to the Messiah.

He’s a good God and his word is true. He said, “ I am the Resurrection and the Life.” Resurrection is what he’s looking for.

Jesus desires a good life for us! He wants us to have joy and happiness while we’re alive but he’s focusing on something that’s more important. he’s looking on the eternal.

The superpower of resurrection power is not understood but we can feel it. Although unknown now, we will understand the superpower fully when we receive our victory in Christ. We will become the resurrection power.

The reason of our faith is to be with Christ in his kingdom of peace and paradise forever. Everything is good there. Everything is perfect—forever.

We struggle in the world to keep our faith in him. Faith doesn’t mean that we will force others to look on and follow our beliefs. They will be attracted through our love for Christ.

What it does require is a courage. Courage allows us to praise him in public and not to be ashamed of our faith. Oddly, their is a principality of shame that all believers experience on their journey in Christ.

We also need to be strong enough to follow his one commandment to love.

My writings are a way that I love You.

I wrote this entire book in 7 days. Not only to push myself, but to love you.

It’s hard, it hurts, it’s painful, but here’s the key. I have superpowers to get the job done. I have the Super Christ.

By keeping my faith in Christ and loving, I receive resurrection power.

By publishing my own books and making my own music, I work with Christ to uplift and help others. This is how I give them love. Resurrection power can flow fluidly in these words.

These words are faithful to Christ and have the power to gain another believer. The “Super Christ” has the power to save a person eternally through Jesus Christ. It’s a powerful book.

You are a believer that thankfully knows the power of our Super God. He is the God of all god’s. He can crush all gods if he wants at the same time. He crushes them with the love that he has.

This is why we crush our enemies and why we are so lethal to the enemy of the world.

Love is the most bitter taste to our enemy’s mouth.

Being in Christ, our love is strong and seems bitter to those lacking a passion for our God.

Many people don’t taste our love because it is too strong in Christ.

This is why I write books.

Listen, I knew it would take a tremendous amount of power and love to finish the book that fast.

I said to myself, “If it will put more love and power into the book, then I will do what it takes.” I realized that a very solid form of love is your hardest work for others. I fasted and prayed for 4 days to get the book complete in time.

Resurrection power is equal to kingdom power. Where do we resurrect? We resurrect into the kingdom. We go somewhere else by being raised to a different octave. The resurrection power is equivalent to Jesus being in the tomb, and then ascending to his Father.

We have the same resurrection superpower when we affirm Christ in love and apply his teaching to forgive and love others. Is it easy? No, but in return, you receive superpowers.

Resurrection is synonymous with ascension. Now we are Rising up!

This is why we worship.

We once were descended, like Christ into a body, into this world. Now, through Christ, we resurrect and ascend back up to him.

After reading this book, for a short while,

your mind has been resurrected from the level of the world into the Super Christ.

We can help resurrect people’s thoughts. We can help resurrect their mind and their way of thinking. Now they can build a kingdom with their own thoughts instead of others. We help resurrect peoples toward Jesus.

When you bring someone to Christ, you become the resurrection power.

Christ works through you to help people-who are living empty lives-hear a word from above, through your lips!

You can help people without the promise of God into being saved and finding a new way—toward heaven.

This is how big this resurrection power is in our world. During Easter, we get a taste of it. Then on Christmas we get a hint of his love.

Although we do get glimpses, we can attempt to understand the resurrection power by meditating on it.

We can meditate on the word to further understand these deeper wisdoms. Let us open to knowing how holy our Lord is, by acknowledging what Jesus Christ did for us. His tomb was empty. He came out of a grave for us. Our hero is not a normal super hero. He is called the Super Christ!

He escaped the Romans and said, “ I have risen.” “I am alive.”

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