Super Light

What is Jesus known for? He’s a master of love. When we go to Christ, we’re able to see clearer because of his light.

Let’s say you’re in a room and it’s dark and you can’t see, this is kind of like our relationship and knowledge to this world. When you have more light, you start to see what’s really manifesting in the world around you.

Jesus is this light that helps us gain vision.

Our belief in Christ allows us to see and enjoy more of our life.

Our thought process slows down in Christ’s peace.

Then we start to see the light manifested.

We start to actually see what’s going on in our life.

Jesus said “I am the light of the world.”

We can’t see Christ without the belief of Christ. We won’t see a picture we don’t believe in. We may know about him but we won’t see him. Our faith lights the path to see Christ.

We will know he exists and then we can illuminate the darkness of our world.

Many people think they know and see everything. Ironically, this belief dwindles when we see Christ, even though we end up knowing more.

We have light within us that can only be activated through our faith in God and his Son Jesus Christ. God is the ultimate creator of all things but he is merciful and loves us. His son is the ultimate superhero.

If you look at Superman, he wrote for his city and made them smarter with his articles at the Daily Planet. He loved Lois Lane and the world. How much more do you think Super Christ loves us?

The cross was a expression of his light because through that crucifix we were all able to be saved and unified through Jesus. Now he is in heaven and on earth supplying us with all of the light we need.

Through the Cross, we are saved when we commit to him and we too become glorious beings of light. We don’t choose God, God chooses us. There is a reason you own this book. When will you ever read a book called, “The Super Christ?”

The cost to get this book to you was his life! God had a plan for you to read this book! Think about how many super powers God has! All of his Son’s superpowers are manifested through the light!

Where does this light come from? This light comes from our God Almighty. The Creator of all things has a mighty plan for you! You will become also like Christ! You will receive eternal light, internally, after you complete this book. Can you imagine how much light it would take to make you a eternal body of light similar to Jesus Christ’s?

This is his plan for you. He has infinite light. He could do this for everyone in the world and he wants too! The key is to know that the plan begins at the cross. This is where Jesus turned into Super Christ in resurrected form. He died for us and gave the world new life. He defeated Rome alone as one man and now Rome is no more. The Super Christ took down the strongest nation that existed by himself. The only remnants of the debris are the stones in his church.

He cares about us so much, that he died for us to, not only see the light, but to be the light. This is why we consider Christ the ultimate. I give the label, Super Christ. God incarnated as a man to die on a crucifix. He is the ultimate light of of all creation, who can even dwindle universal cosmic light. Yet he humbly died for us to be saved. For you and for me.

When Elijah was transfigured in the Bible, he saw Jesus and when Jesus was transfigured he saw Elijah.

We all go to the same place, to God through the light of Christ.

Christ has the strongest superpower, all of light. The Light of light.

He wants to give you this light.

Listen, We can’t even touch a candle without getting burned. I’m talking about a great God. It is essential to call upon him. Today, by reading this book, you are worshiping Christ for his divine light.

Let us be contrasts of that light to distribute in the world until he returns.

We saw the potential of man through his life. Through evolution of a species that believes in him, we too will hold miraculous abilities when evolved. We will all become Super Christs. We may have even more abilities then Jesus when we evolve fully in our Lord. The first step is for us, as humanity, to take the final step and unite in Jesus Christ.

We are already one-third there. We have seen how much our society has evolved through this one-third. We see the evolution of a nation through the United States of America when they were firm in their belief. Any nation can be a Superpower if they are operating for a Super Christ.

Jesus was born to die. He was the light of the world. Only, he had the courage to say, “I am God” in Rome.

He descended down from heaven and his throne, into the womb of the blessed Virgin Mary, and became a mere mortal. He bled like us, he eliminated like us, he suffered like us, so that we knew that God exists. That God was there for us. That God loves us. He came to us physically.

His very own disciples betrayed him. His very own community convicted him and the Romans treated him like he was less then an animal. They stabbed him, spit on him, crucified him in front of his mother and family.

The world still curses his name to this day.

I call him the Super Christ. I wrote this book so you can know his true power.

We are living in a society today where Christ is like the stars in the sky. We go on everyday and handle our worldly affairs and many of us believe in Christ, but seldom look up to pray or to acknowledge him. When was the last time you looked up and focused on the stars? For many of us, it has been a long time. Man has swept us away.

Like the stars, we know that there is a truth that is much deeper then our daily life. The Sun seems the biggest to us out of all the stars but is actually one of the smallest while some of the smallest stars we see in the sky are some of the biggest.

This is how the light of Christ is. This book is calling you to a deeper understanding of Christ and knowing how super he really is.

Christmas is indicative of this super-powerful light. All of the lights on the trees in our homes and outside our homes are indicative of his light. It’s colorful. It’s everywhere.

As a kid, it wasn’t the lights, the food, the music or the gifts that made us feel the greatest. Secretly, it was Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ said, “I am the light”, in your heart during those Christmas’s.

This is his Superpower. This was a Super Christmas because your loved by a Super Christ.

It’s not easy when we see all of these stars as smaller as our own. It’s not easy when we have humanity saying it is bigger then God.

Sometimes we can seem smaller then what we truly are, but trust me—we will shine.

Our days will become better and our Fridays will become good.

Our Sundays will turn into Sabbaths and our life will improve.

I’m not talking about the light that Superman was wielding. This isn’t X-ray vision. This is God speed. This is a eternal light. Christ is not a Cosmic being. He is a being of the purest and perfect heaven. When I say Super Christ, I mean the God who defeats all. For now, we are like candles compared to his light, but together we can form hearts with the flames. We can shine together because, at the core of it all, is Christ’s light from above.

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