Super Mercy

Forgiveness is what Jesus came to give to the world. He said animatedly, “I didn’t come to condemn the world, I’ve come to save it.”

He was to save every single man, every single woman, every single child, and he did this by offering himself. He offered his body, so that we could be forgiven fully and completely, without missing a single spot!

Without his sacrifice, instead of forgiveness and salvation, we would have received exile and death. Instead of receiving the rewards of the New Testament, we would have received the punishments of the Old Testament.

Believing in Christ pleases and rejecting Christ offends him.

If you disobey the instruction of your biological father who teaches you to be kind and compassionate toward your brother, do you believe you would receive less punishment from your supernatural Father?

Our father has a certain standard of living and through Christ we are all his Sons.

If we repent and change our ways, then we are following our Master Christ and can easily obtain forgiveness from our past.

Without Christ, we’re not fully connected to God because we reject his firstborn that traveled so far from his Father, to help us and to save us.

The key is to accept the mystery of God. Receive who God has chosen for us for salvation.

This is how we all please our Father. As long as their is one child in the house offending the other brothers, he will not be happy and neither will we.

The truth is that we do have a forgiving Father and he does have a plan for us.

Those who have turned from Christ have become an enemy to all of us and to God. Yet, through Christ our Lord, we can be forgiven and be saved.

The power of faith is so incredible because it’s such a simple decision to serve Christ. Our faith magnifies the need for us to do our best as Christians.

Our God has a big heart for us. Without this forgiveness he supplied, we become enemies to ourselves, to our family, to our world and to our Creator. We become harmful to man. We start talking about others, becoming cruel, condemning others until eventually, the seeds of Christ die within us.

The decision to fly with Super Christ is now. Will you choose him to be your hero?

I want to help save you from rejecting Gods plan for your life and from turning away from his Son.

He gave us the best life a God can offer. He provides us the best spirituality, his best Son, the most colorful world to meet Jesus and learn and the greatest heaven.

The reward of salvation for each soul assists the progression of mankind. Christians hold the only religion where we are all family, if everyone comes to repentance. This is the reason for the Father and Son God. As Christians, we provide the world a closer position at a worldwide family. The plan for our progression is to evolve as a species, as a family through his teachings. Who knows how far we can evolve through him! Evolution is another word for transformation. Without us collectively transforming in Christ, we cannot properly evolve as a species according to Gods will. This is the power of faith.

Hearing about the power of Christ will be enough for many to change their way.

One of his greatest powers is his forgiveness. He holds super forgiveness as the Super Christ.

Those who know who and what Christ is, call him the Super Christ. We have a Super God! His forgiveness is so powerful, that it changes our life and changes our world.

His forgiveness takes us away from harmful people. Oppressive people will no longer choose to be around you. This will change your relationships. People will not be able to take advantage like they used to. He changes the way we see and think. His forgiveness changes the way we act. It’s transformative. We end up free to be more wise, active and loving.

This superpower of our God is what we deserve. We deserve the power of forgiveness.

It has the power to break all the soul chains in our life.

The forgiveness is what allows God to touch us with his fingertip. It’s the superpower forgiveness of Christ that makes God happy. It pleases God in our life. When we receive that forgiveness, then we can understand the message of God.

The great thing is that we can be like Super Christ and also give mercy to others. This is how we become a superpower in other people’s lives. You forgive people easily and they start to look up to you because most people don’t have this ability. While most people give others issues, you will heroically be giving light and love.

The key is that this Super Forgiveness from Super Christ is what brings us to heaven for eternity after we die. It is the foundation of true spirituality and how supernatural Christ really is.

Forgiveness is just as important to Super Christ as hope is to Superman. There’s no one he cannot forgive, not a single one that he cannot love. His mercy is radical.

This all comes from claiming Christ as our Lord and savior.

That will ultimately lead to the ultimate forgiveness in your life. We don’t know when, but we do know it will happen in your life. The power of God through His Son Jesus Christ will break the chains and bonds of this world and allow you to be who your supposed to be. It gives us so much power that it last for eternity and doesn’t end. It’s so transformative that we start to see ourselves as Super Christ when we look in the mirror.

When people say, “I’m sorry,” most people don’t have the power to forgive depending on the offense. We end up offenders forever in the eyes of unforgiving men. To a true Christian this is not the case. Christ gives us a new heart, pulsating with all these superpowers and we become the hero that can forgive. He gives us a heart to forgive anything. We become like a puppy in a field of wolves, while being protected by a lion who is near us always.

We become lambs of Christ that are spotless. We become very easy to forgive and we become very forgiving. Harnessing this superpower together as a family, is a force that is unstoppable.

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