Omniscience. Omnipotence. Omnificence. Omnipresence.

These Four Powers combined reveal to us the glory of God. These Omni-powers also belong to his Son.

Like a four leaf clover that connects to a stem, God holds these powers to provide his creation fortune and favor.

Super Christ is my personal depiction of Jesus and is not to be mistaken with any institutional view.

When looking at his Omni powers, we have no choice but to expand our mind.

Each of of these Omni powers magnifies the other and we will explore all four of them in depth.

God walks, moves and breathes with these Omnipowers. We breath air. He breaths in Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omnificence and omniscience.

Knowing his equivalent to our air, we can start to understand what God is.

Only with our mind can we understand. We can not understand with our worldly thinking but with our mind dedicated on God and his higher power. We do this by-not caring as much about what’s on the news and our personal lives-focusing on pleasing God.

Crowned with the knowledge of Christ, you can find Christ within you. When we find his spirit within us, we understand that he not the Jesus we see at church, but a Omni powerful spirit within us that is always peacefully watching behind every thought and action without interference.

His spirit can enter every atom, every cell at the same time without our knowing to bid his invisible plan. He also can clothe our anatomy with light. Every cell of ours can be crowned with all of these superpowers on a micro intelligent level.

Let us call on him for our health instead of depending on man’s health system.

When we start to meditate on the Super Christ, we will be filled with God color, all the way down to our D.N.A.

Like Christ, one day, we too will become indestructible.

Sadly there is nothing in the world with these Omni Powers. This was planned by our Creator to help us look primarily toward him.

Because man is absent of all these powers without God, we have a strong reason to call upon the Almighty.

Super Christ is omniscient, which means that he know us better then we know us.

He knows any and all life forms better then they know themselves.

This is why he loves us so much. He knows who we truly are compared to what man has believed.

He want to give his heart to you. He wants you to have a new heart.

Fear doesn’t exist in your new heart.

All of your mental fragmentations unify and you become whole.

With your new heart, all of the Gods of the universe and multiverses bow in respect.

All because you simply believed in Christ when he was not there in your physical life. The power of your faith is this valuable and sacred.

God invested in you a strong faith so that you can live with him forever.

He knows everything in the temporal universes and he knows everything in eternity as well.

He knows all secrets that we as men can never know. He knows all of the secrets of eternity as well.

We have to reach past our limited dying body and worship him in new ways. When we please the Lord, our life gets better. We become lit with his grace. Activated with this Omni power, he breathes on us.

He looks on you with a Omni Mind while you look on yourself as a organism. The more we please him, the more he looks on us. This is how we transform.

Let us open our mind to God and his Omni Power.

We don’t need to fear anything with Super Christ around. It doesn’t matter what is going on or who is around, Jesus is always with us.

You could combine all of the DC characters against Super Christ and he would run right through them atomically. Filling every space between their atoms with God Light.

You could take all the Marvel heroes and combine them as a league against him, and he could reimagine all of them with his love.

Super Christ only uses his intelligence to heal and love. This is why he is the most powerful of all.

He’s calling us into the love of his kingdom. It’s the royalist kingdom of eternal peace that exists.

We are dealing with a all knowing God. A lot of people aren’t even truthful with themselves.

When we read the Word of God, we gain more understanding and protect ourselves from ingenuine people.

We should strive to be as real as we can with ourselves.

Without Jesus Christ, the reason of our existence will remain impossible to know.

It’s never too late to turn to our true life, the great and almighty God.

His understanding knows no limit.

Our God is loving, gentle, tender and merciful. He understands if we stray away from his protection because he has a soft heart for us.

When we turn to him, His Son helps us with all his Super Christ self to heal our lives.

Like discussed before, he uses all of these superpowers for our benefit.

Men normally complicate life but the simplicity of the success to life is to believe in Jesus Christ.

Not just believe but follow his command. Listen, a person who loves strongly cannot fail. Jesus set us up for success.

I never thought I would be a author, now I have over 20 books.

This book is one of the most special of all because I show you what a true super hero is.

A hero is not a comic book character. When I say hero, most people assume that. We have a hero that actually exists. His name is Jesus Christ.

Meditating in the Word of God allows you to know what real and unreal is.

The Word will transform our character. It will improve our imagination. It will release our suffering. It will change our future. It will provide us a relationship with God.

It’s hard to understand who Jesus Christ was and this is why I wrote the book, “Super Christ” for you.

Knowledge is power and we have a omniscient God.

Even though we are not omniscient, we will be clothed in his intelligence. His intelligence will act through us through the Holy Spirit, and we will become smarter.

You will get brighter.

You will start to wonder where all of these amazing ideas are coming from. The power of omniscience will flow through you.

One day I thought of the idea to write the book, “Super Christ” and I said, “whoa, what a powerful concept.”

Little did I know, the idea came from God and I did not even notice it.

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