Super Eternality

Let us remember that Super Christ is eternal.

His superpowers are also eternal.

Even Superman Prime, in all of his expanded superpowers, is still time bound.

Superman Prime is a higher form of himself.

Superman transformed himself into his highest potential. He became a living incarnate of the sun. Instead of absorbing light from the sun, he actually became the sun himself. When Superman became Superman Prime, he realized everything was all one.

Even Superman Prime in all of that splendor cannot match the power of eternality.

Suns may last for billions of years but they are still temporal.

We serve an eternal God.

Just like Superman Prime, we can absorb the Son until we become Christ ourselves.

Eternal power is not cosmic. It’s not human. We are talking about the energy God had before Genesis. The glorious presence.

When Christ was spitting up blood from the cross, he wanted us to understand that he went through that so-we too-can become eternal. We accept his sacrifice and start to absorb his superpower of eternality.

All superhero’s qualities are time bound, temporal and visible.

The Super Christ has superpowers that are eternal, invisible and infinite.

Let us start to understand that the strongest things are invisible. UV rays, Gamma Rays and Ultra Gamma rays are all invisible to us but very visible to God.

Christ’s kingdom is invisible—divine in nature.

He’s an all powerful God. All of these superpowers that we talk about in all of these chapters, are eternal superpowers that can easily dwarf man’s intellect.

Superman’s breath was strong but Super Christ’s breath gave us the Holy Spirit.

His powers are eternal. Even the center of the universe will die one day. The center of a galaxy is no match for Super Christ.

The spiral of the galaxies is not the same flow as Christ’s all flowing power!

Anything Christ touches with this eternal superpower becomes perfect.

The symmetry, light, aura, shape, of the object starts to conform toward his eternality. It becomes more perfect.

The key is to know the power of this superpower.

No ocean, world, sun, galaxy, universe, multiverse or omniversal force can withstand his eternality.

Let us receive the eternal power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ today.

We can drink from the cup of eternality when we read the words of Jesus Christ.

His presence is eternal and can make our presence eternal.

Is your presence eternal? Call on Christ today to transform your presence into a eternal one. We may walk around as temporal human beings, but with our faith and salvation, we also walk with a eternal presence.

With the power of God, we can feel our eternality even though we are just mere mortals. We become temporal and eternal at the same time.

We can think with our presence in Christ. We can have eternal energy move through our mind.

We become an extension of the presence of Jesus Christ.

When we look at our mind after we decide to claim Christ as our Lord, it starts to evolve into a eternal mechanism.

We start to think different and our mind moves at different processing speeds then the temporal mind of the unbelieving man.

We start to Don the mind of Christ. Jesus Christ starts to gain dominion over the mind and it slowly liquifies into a eternal form.

Our thoughts of solidity are dissolved in the love of Christ and they take secondary importance.

Most people focus on what to eat, what to wear, where to go, and who to speak to.

The everyday worldly life has become secondary to us. This is because eternality is flowing through our minds as believers.

We become super powerful when we start focusing on the eternal.

This superpower is the centering power of the book. It’s the reason I titled the book, “Super Christ.” I knew through his eternality I could snuff all heroes and villains in one fell swoop.

We must remember the center of our faith. Through Jesus Christ we become eternal.

Many unbelievers suffer this life just for their temporal existence, so they suffer much.

We suffer this life for eternality and the sting of suffering and death is not as venomous.

Everything God made in Genesis has a touch of eternality in it. God’s intelligence is eternal.

Imagine operating with a mind where all thoughts are eternal because you are eternal and so is all of your environment. One day you will. Keep on reading.

In the Bible, it says that we can’t see God’s face. Here is what we can see. We can see the other side of God’s hand through his creation.

Other then man which dropped into sin, the world is graceful, reflecting eternal subtleties. These animals are full of grace. Even the biggest animals are obedient and loving to us. The biggest land mammal is a African Bush Elephant. The biggest water mammal is the Blue Whale. The biggest fish is the Whale shark. They are all extremely gentle and kind.

They are a hint of what God is in nature. Look at these animals and study them. If we look close enough, we don’t just see his paint but tiny pieces of his bristles on these creatures.

We know God loved what he created because of the grace of nature. His heart is here.

God doesn’t call the galaxy a Milky Way. He doesn’t call human, a human. These are names given by people who did not create it. A person’s name would be much different if it were not given to him by his parents.

Do you want to know your true name? Come to Christ today.

Come know your name In the oneness and the enternal intelligence of God.

When we start to grow more and more by thinking upon Jesus Christ and His Father, we put our mind on the eternal.

Reading the scriptures, following his commandments, and disciplining yourself toward righteousness allows you to manifest eternal power.

Living as temporal beings allows us to really enjoy the eternal presence of the Father lavishly.

This is one of the fruits of having this divine nature as a mortal. It’s like enjoying seafood in the desert or rain during a drought.

Through eternality, we will always be connected to Christ.

Our body is just like a strand of hair shed off the lion of Judah.

We serve a holy God!

The more we serve the more we will see. “Your origins are not worldly. Your origins are eternal,” says the Super Christ!

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