Super Miracles

Jesus demonstrated over forty miracles in the Bible.

They were all performed so people would know the power of God.

Jesus himself was the the greatest Miracle. God walking on earth. Every word out of his mouth was a miracle. Every blink of his eye was a miracle. Every step with his foot was a miracle. Even the dreams he had when he was sleeping were miracles. Every teaching he gave us was a miracle. Every strand of hair on his head was a miracle. He was a walking, talking miracle.

He never denied anyone his miracle power in scripture. These miracles during that time proved the existence of God through man.

He captivated the whole city, and when he performed many of these miracles, people knew immediately that God existed.

His miracle superpower was so strong that they started to call him king. He started to fulfill prophesy that was predicted in scripture by the things he was doing.

His miracles were not bound by man’s imagination, as a matter of fact they provided man with a new imagination.

Completely new possibilities of healing the blind, walking on water and changing water into wine have been flooding our mind for thousands of years. These miracles didn’t just transform the people around him, they were designed to transform all of us.

It was the power of love manifested.

Curing the sick. Healing the blind. Raising the dead. Feeding the multitudes. Calming the storms. Chasing out the spirits. These were all performed by love.

Unlike Superman, Super Christ’s superpowers would combine and he could perform miracles beyond our comprehension.

Then he performed the most powerful miracle of all. He rose from the tomb and lived on forever. His Father resurrected him to higher life into his eternal kingdom.

Obviously he could bi-locate and be at as many places he wanted to, at the same time. Meaning that, he can be with us while he is also in heaven. Now we also have the miracle of his presence. We can feel the kingdom through him. His miracle power and Super Christ superpowers are now in full force with him and many beings in heaven.

These miracles he performed allowed us to receive a glimpse of heaven. We know how the Kingdom operates and the amount of miracle power that is there.

These types of miracles are normal for beings in the kingdom but here it was resisted. They labeled him a offender of the people and gave him a life sentence to death. They put him on a cross for this power. They registered him in Rome as a predatory demon worshipper who was taking advantage of the people and their children. They said he was molesting the people through the spirit named Beelzebub.

The more we love, the more we can perform this Super Christ miracle power. If we were to love as Christ directed, as mankind, we would see miracles occur just as powerfully as the natural catastrophes we see because of our disobedience.

We please God by praising the name of Jesus until he turns into a Super Christ for us.

Even just reading about the miracles or speaking about them is transformative.

Once we really understand our relationship to Christ, we realize we have the miracle power within us. We can heal, cure, and travel the waters with our God.

We can place our hands on people and allow the spirit to move through them.

We can use our speech in miraculous ways and do miraculous things.

I wrote this entire book in 7 days. Now I now I can perform that miracle with the assistance of Jesus Christ in the future.

It’s not just the length of the book, but what’s in it that’s miraculous.

I accept the miracles. I make miraculous music. I opened a miraculous business. I write miraculous books. I have miraculous resources all through the power of Jesus Christ.

I prayed to Jesus on my finances. He gave me three public domain assets. “Winnie the Pooh Reimagined” the novel, “Mickey Mouse as Steamboat Willy,” the Novel and Superman.

Each of these franchises are billion dollar names. Miracles.

With the Superman asset, I put together a fitness program that increases a person’s strength by up to 5 times! I’m a Registered Nurse and was able to help people harness their somatic nervous system consciously. I called the program, “Superman Fitness.” A real life superpower. A miracle.

I am becoming like Jesus through my fruit. The 20 books I’ve written, all the albums, these programs. It’s all proof in the pudding! Miracles do exist!

No one ever depicted Jesus as a superhero in a work of literature. So I did—Miracle.

I wrote the Jehova diet, which I feel is the healthiest diet in the world, off of inspiration, in two weeks! You can download it now. A miracle.

We have a Miraculous God and as believers and disciples of Christ, we too can perform amazing miracles.

Become a great disciple. Call Jesus, the Super Christ. Become stronger in your faith. Let’s calm the storms, cast out the evil, feed the hungry and heal. If we believed we could raise the dead, move mountains and uproot trees with our faith, we could.

Become a super disciple and continue reading this book. It’s powerful. He doesn’t just have love for you, he has super love. He gives you super peace and super blessings. We don’t just have a God, we have a Super God. We are not just disciples after this book, we are Super Disciples.

Don’t just read this book, start passing it out for the Lord. Lift him up and let people know how super he is. I designed this book to be shared with the masses. It’s designed to lift up his name and travel across to all tongues, creeds and nations.

It’s a miracle to say that we have a Super God. It’s a miracle to witness his creation. Don’t believe what men are saying. Live your miracle. Live in the super peace that Jesus provides and profess your faith in the Super Christ.

Lift up his name to a new level. Let people know who your hero is.

He was a master of miracles. Christ is the true hero. We have a Great and super God.

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