Super Omnific

The most fascinating Suoerpower that exists is Omnificence. Imagine being able to create anything on the world or in heaven without any resistance.

This is a power of Jesus Christ.

Obviously, many superpowers must combine for this possibility along with Omni-focus!

He was so Omnificent that he was creating just by speaking.

He showed us how omnificent he was in Genesis, just by saying, “ Let there be light.” All of light from this creation manifested!

Being this powerful, we must ask, are there other creations?

Think about how magnificent our creator is. We idolize ourself by how much we have discovered. How much praise does he deserve for creating it all.

He designed all of the moons, all of the planets, all of the stars and orbits. He invented them all. How much time would it take man to invent the entire universe and all of its life, and invent it from nothing.

In Genesis, the first book of scripture, he did it in 6 days.

This is why we can depend on God’s plan. We know our creator is good because of his architecture and design. Without the interference of the sin of man, it reflects perfection.

Even we were created from this superpower.

He designed it for us to be fruitful. He designed it for us to multiply in his grace and love.

His Omni-creativity is seen even in your own eyes and face.

Know thyself. Know you have Gods Omnific power in your body, mind and soul.

He can destroy anything and he can create anything.

Do you know how it feels to be in the creative flow. Could you imagine being in that flow all the time? This is the power of Jesus Christ.

I know when I start getting in the flow with my music and books, it’s like a different color wheel for me. Things shift and just fall into place. Jesus Christ is always flowing. His cup runneth over.

When we are saved by Jesus Christ, we become super creative. He reflects his Father’s abilities.

The inspiration you will get from your life stream will be super creative in nature. You will harness the super power of omnificence.

This superpower of the Father and his Son dwarfs all other superpowers of any hero!

The most valuable thing in this world is not a lot of money. It’s to be super creative. The more constructively creative we are, the more healthier and happier we become. We are creating in every moment with our words.

Just like God spoke things into existence, what we speak shapes our future. All of our actions are creative. We are using God’s energy in every single thing that we do. The energy within us is not electricity. It has a owner. His name is God. Being that our energy is God energy, it is enormously creative.

When we follow Christ, we use his energy with higher quality and we start to create a better life.

Our creativity magnifies when we act together. This is why God designed church. It allows us to be creating together with Christ. Even though I wrote this book alone, I could not have done it without others in Christ, who gave me the knowledge to put it all together.

This energy within us is powerful. It’s God energy. When God first said, “Let there be light”, that same light out of his mouth is in us.

Our ideas can change the world in Christ.

He gives us the ability to be omnificient ourself, through our word.

One of the main teachings of the Word of God is to use our word correctly.

When we speak, it is omnific. Nothing can stop it’s manifestation at some point in our life! Our words must be created, somehow or someway. This is why Jesus is so important in our lives. He gives us the words to say so we can wield this omnific force of our words for his kingdom.

Many people are lost and without Christ. They don’t have this biblical knowledge and destroy themselves and their families with what they say.

We need to look to the Super Christ and then our words become super. Our thoughts become super.

We are able to create super powerful things for God and our life.

We can paint with colors of Gods mind with our words. You can say “ I live in the colors of Gods mind.” And someday it will manifest in someway. Even though our results are not immediate, and we must wait for our manifestation, the colors will come to you. Maybe in will arrive in a person eyes or on a vacation in the future.

Can you imagine how many colors are in Gods mind that he can create with?

It puts the colors of the universe to shame.

He’s the one responsible for creating the shape of an egg, the shape of the animals. The shape of the galaxies. Everything.

He designed the tree and it’s roots, and all of the fruits of the world. The trillions of forms of life he designed with ease, in 6 days. We have a amazing God.

He also designs our afterlife. We want to be the best we can in this life with our faith because only our faith can reward us heaven. It’s just the simple faith. Jesus did the work. In return, he uses this omnificence to design our heaven with him forever! Saving the best for our afterlife. Designing everything in love and perfection with his brightest, warmest colors.

Right now, when we call on Christ, we can harness the creativity of Christ.

He will elevate our imagination and bring a new quality to our mind. The best example of this assist is Michelangelo, one of the most famous Christian artists of our time.

You have this creative force in you too!

Your creativity will enter into the spiritual realm and you will sneak pieces of heaven onto earth.

Call on the Lord and you will share in the gift of the omnific power of the Super Christ.

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