Super Truth

Truth is a dominating force in this world. We are all looking for the truth. Actually, having the truth is a superpower. It puts you in complete control.

Through Scripture, Jesus spoke only the truth.

This is reflective of our Father God who made everything in creation.

We are always searching for knowledge of God’s design. It is designed in truth.

Man has been bonded to the powers of deception which makes it impossible to find answers when speaking lies.

It’s kind of like a bird swimming in the water with its wings instead of flying.

Even today, we constantly are getting hit with scams and spam online through our emails and ads with the very same technology that can be helping us find truth. The synonym for spam would be deception.

Even with the brightest scientists and engineers, we are still in a primitive state because as a whole, man has become a liar who pretends to be searching for truth.

We can only look to God to reflect on truth in this world where mankind is in dominion.

Online Media, T.V, radio, Government and schools are all feeding us deception. Let’s face it, not one of us graduated high school with a tangible asset.

Now we are on the brink of virtual realities and artificial intelligences being run by these deceiving corporations.

Even our social media is full with people who have falsely transfigured their reality with profiles, that are no where near as congruent to who they actually are.

I’m a author and making these books of truth takes a lot of work.

It is very difficult as a author to get a message of truth out in this environment. I pray on it and I continue to write for the people.

Christ is just the opposite. He is all truth. He cannot lie! With The superpower of Christ’s truth, we get the job done.

Amongst men of this world, the hardest thing you can do is speak the truth.

This is where we look to Super Christ. I am so thankful that Christ is helping me with spreading truth. The Gospel is the truth because he is in it. Without Christ in Scripture, the truth is adulterated.

We see this with the Torah. Some religions honor only a portion of scripture and deny Christ. This nullifies the Scripture. It cuts out the truth. The Bible was created to show the world, God’s son! This is the truth.

Reading the scripture without acknowledging Christ is like having meat with no fire.

We’re thankful that Christ is assisting us with truth. It’s his superpower!

Jesus said that we are like sheep amongst wolves. Men have no problem lying to gain control over us. We need to be protected by the Super Christ to help us along the way with his truth. When men lie to shackle and control us, Christ sets us free with his truth.

When we get courageous enough on the walk, we start questioning our own thoughts. Is this thought true? A lot of thoughts in our mind are spam. This is because we live amongst men, the greatest deceivers that are known.

Without faith, we become one of these type of ipeople and carry the same thoughts and paradigms.

When we’re online, we should try to be the most truthful we can because it’s shaping this worlds future.

A digital world is not real. Yet we make it so. We invest the majority of the day in this unreal world. Sometimes eight or more hours. We need the Super Christ to fight the deception with his super-powerful truth.

Lo and behold, Super Christ does come with the assist and gives us Super Truth. We gain discernment, true knowledge and wisdom. Eventually, it isolates us in a world that speaks primarily lies. Sooner or later, that isolation turns into a kingdom. We in spirit become stronger then man because of Christ and his truth.

At a very young age, our logic and reasoning have been manipulated. We barely spend time in nature or with God and have been deceived into spending much of our time in virtual realities of social media and digital content.

The very institutions where we learned as a child, crippled us, providing us no opportunity or knowledge to build assets.

We were left without the knowledge of our God, Jesus Christ. They didn’t even equip us with knowledge on business, finances or even emotional intelligence.

We have to move forward and call on the truth to get ahead in life.


IQ begins with the Letter I. We need to look to ourselves and decide if it is smarter to turn to the truth or continue along the direction of the popular man.

It’s not easy to tell the truth. In Christ, we habitualize honesty.

After awhile, we hold the truth because of faith and through our conviction.

Through the assist of our Lord Jesus Christ, we become the truth.

The government and man has a different label for me. Yet the truth was, I was a Author for God. A Son of God to help others and equip them with the knowledge of the Super Christ.

I’m a musician and messenger, a prophet and heir, a testimony and church, a light and a truth.

We see the deceit all around us.

Our backround check doesn’t comeback as a Christian, or author or musician. We need Christ to give us the labels of God to defeat the labels of men.

This is our victory. Our victory of truth. The Super Christ is our victory.

Some deal with the age old tale of Christians being criminals. They receive punishment for good. The same spirit was condemning Christ!

Christ was crucified and then his disciple was crucified upside down. We see deceit all around us and it hides in sheep clothing. Behind household name corporations, political leaders and media are many of these forces.

As a true Christian, I am grateful to be alive. Many of us didn’t make it.

I’m grateful how far my message is getting across. I’m teaching people around the world with my knowledge in Christ!

Christ is protecting me and he will protect you too. He will bring you to paradise, he will bring you to his super-powerful truth.

The Bible says that the truth shall always come to the light. I just wait and pray that God continues to work though us and conquers the powers that be. I pray for Christ to give us truth and Justice.

All darkness comes to light says the Super Christ.

This is why all these nations fall and crumble and Christ is still in us. Rome fell, Greece fell, Alexander the Great fell, Babylon fell, Spain fell, Britain fell, Germany fell,

America fell, but Christ still is rising. He’s rising through us.

Christ has all truth. Imagine the Human Torch having all the fire in creation or Iceman having all the ice that exists. This is how Christ is with the truth. He has all truth that exist.

We too will harness the truth. It’s one of the hardest Super Christ superpowers to develop but after reading this book you will have all of these superpowers to a degree. Call on him as your Lord and Savior and these powers will grow in intensity.

Our destiny is to be as powerful as Christ in Heaven. We will be Super Christ’s with him with all of these superpowers in God’s full intensity.

This is the way of a true superhero. You are the Son of God.

Even Superman had a son named Jonathan and ended up being just as heroic and powerful as Superman. Superman taught him personally.

We are Son’s of Christ. We’re Son’s of God. Super Christ continues to work with us and shape us until we become just as heroic as him!

We start to don the superpowers that he has! This book isn’t just about Super Christ. It’s about you and the superpowers that are sleeping within you. Powers that are waiting to blaze!

Spiritual superpowers that can flow and move through anything that is solid, liquid or gaseous!

This is the difference of living with Christ in this species we call man.

We will look forever to find the truth through the eyes of men.

Man’s handshakes are not even truthful.

Man’s agreements are not truthful.

Man puts his hand to his heart and takes a oath and speaks a lie. Man goes to the podium to speak with his fingers crossed behind his back.

Even our parents mask the truth from us.

Mother lies to father, father lies to son.

We have to choose man or God. This is where we should make the decision.

Are we going to choose man into deception or will we choose the Super Christ and live a truthful life.

It’s a world of Pinocchio’s but we don’t see it because man cuts his nose to spite his face.

Men lie and then over react because of the necessary fear that arises with living from falsehood.

What is the consequences of deception? The lack of trust. We may pretend, but we don’t believe in the people that are around us or leading us. The only one that God left for us to trust is Christ.

Jesus has pierced through the layers of the onion of life and he knows all the answers.

His intelligence sets us free.

Just like we see Einstein drawing 2 letters on the blackboard, Christ knows the laws and balances of all the cosmos—all creation.

He holds dominion over the mind of man and helps us on this road as a Christian.

If we live without Christ, we are destined for a false life. Man will steer us toward a self image that is not truly ourselves.

With Christ, we find who we truly are.

This is one of the most important superpowers of the book.

I was incarcerated for 84 days for camping on county lines. County lines! It was a imaginary line. During that time I wrote a book called “Royalist.” It points to who you truly are. You are the royalist being on the universe in Christ. Yet without him, man will have you believe your worthless trash.

It’s not just a difficult road without Jesus, it’s impossible. You will ultimately end up dying as someone you believe to be, but are not.

Societal programming is at a early age. Children are watching agenda filled cartoons, playing on technology and tablets and the world is passing by, while they are missing chunks of their development.

We are being filled with poison because of sin. Filled with science and manly knowledge, we turn away from the truth.

A lot of the information we receive is like magic. It’s a falsehood. They said the world was flat, we believed them. They said man is more important then God, we believed them. They said we were educated when we graduated and we believed them!

We need Christ when it comes to the light. Jesus says, “I’m the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE.” He’s talking about The Super way, the Super truth and the Super life. The Super Christ.

The first truth I offer is a simple shift in consciousness.

You are not a separate body. You are one with all that is. Everything is within your mind. Just like in a dream, the entire universe is within your mind. It’s the same. You just need to stop thinking to see this. Christ will help you with this.

This is called Christ consciousness. This is your first truth. It will scorch many of the lies you learned.

Many problems that we have will be solved when we make this simple shift.

Just stop thinking and see what you are without thought.

First, slow you mind down by praying, meditation, breathing or listening to calm music. Then attempt gently to stop thinking. To still your mind. Then you will see the truthful you. Who you really are. Christ will also assist you.

We’re always looking for the truth with man.

There’s only one truth and it’s absolute. It’s stronger than the truth of the law of relativity. It’s the truth of Christ.

As I continue on my path to truth, I’m grateful to be alive.

I’m grateful that I’m still able to get some type of knowledge out to you.

I want you to know that you too will become Super Christ as you look to him for truth. I’m affirming the Super Christ for you and all of your loved ones. Let us continue to pray and be as heroic as we can.

The truth is always here no matter what seems to be going on. Let us unify in that truth and gain victory with the Super Christ. No matter what is going on in your life right now, know the truth.

The truth is that God loves us.

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