Super Dimension

How many universe’s are there?

Multi dimensional power is not often discussed in religion.

We do know through scripture that there are other dimensions. Elijah was lifted up to another dimension through chariots and horses of God fire. Jesus was resurrected to a kingdom that he said was with his Father.

Many visionaries like Daniel and Joseph were given the ability to correlate the dream dimension and reality. Yes, dreams do have significance!

Jesus talked about his kingdom being a place we couldn’t go.

In the Bible, Jesus said that he was going to his kingdom and he was going to a place no one could go.

Even the afterlife could be considered a different dimension. In the Bible, King Saul was able to communicate with a deceased prophet called Samuel by connecting to a different Dimension!

Angels seem to come from different dimensions.

We know that God is almighty! He has multidimensional dominion.

We have multidimensional power within ourselves! We are discovering that we are equipped with a subconscious mind that is responsible for shaping our reality and how we feel and perceive.

Are there dimensions of ourself that we can find access to?

In the Bible, Jesus says, “I am the open gate.”

He opens the gate to the dimension of heaven. Heaven becomes a dimension to ourselves-that we gain access too-through our faith in Christ.

There is one planet, but many worlds!

Why do people have completely different realities in similar places with different perceptions and paradigms? It seems like we are all a window to a different dimension, and we are creating with our beliefs and thoughts.

Through our belief in Jesus, we open the dimension of Christ in our lives. A portal is open and our life changes. We become transformed and gain supernatural powers.

Super Christ Says, “I am the Alpha and Omega.” This means he holds dominion in all dimensions. In the book of Revelations, he exposes that he has the keys to heaven and the earth.

In the book of Revelations, he opens scrolls that all open different dimension of God onto earth.

Super Christ is anointed to open these scrolls in the end times of Gods creation here on earth.

A great realization is that he holds ultimate power in all dimensions that exist in our multidimensional creation.

With Christ, our path is a multidimensional faith.

We have Earth, dreams, heaven, afterlife, places for unbelievers and many other spiritual places depicted in scripture.

Imagine 8 billions planets Earths lined up, side by side, in the universe. We each have our own world that we experience in a different way. Through man, there are many different dimensions. Through angels there are many different dimensions. Any being that can think is a different dimension present. We put our faith to enter into the dimension of the Super Christ. His halo is multidimensional. How many heavens are there? He is king of them all!

Those who don’t believe in Jesus go to a dimension that is absent of Christ but is still governed by God.

This Earth seems like a cross road. A choice to access one of two different dimensional realities. A dimensional reality with our Lord and one where he is absent.

The Super Christ can be in as many places in these dimensions at once! Let’s call to him, no matter what dimension we are in today!

Do these dimensions spiral? Do they orbit each other? Are they organized by a higher mind, like our dreams when we awake? Are we intelligent enough to manage or manipulate these dimensions as human beings, if other dimensions were revealed to us?

We praise God and have faith that he will organize with his intelligence these details and work things out for us in our favor when it comes to decisions on this plane of existence.

When we connect to his dimension through prayer, he helps our mind become more powerful. A different dimension does become revealed to us. From within.

Through prayer we can contact others through God and bring healing.

Through faithful prayer, we become multi-dimensional. We mentally access a dimension that is full of treasure, peace and wisdom.

Through God, we can gain balance and equality in all dimensions within us. We can find peace in his oneness and find wholeness, no matter how many dimensions are present within our mind.

His love can enter all of these doors and illuminate these worlds and even resurrect them with his Christ power.

It’s possible to gain access to a dimension through vibrations. When the vibrations of the brain slows in sleep, we dream. When we raise our vibration from dreaming, we awake.

Can we have a further awaking from this dream like state through the vibration of our Lord Christ?

I also believe that our words, thoughts and even the music we listen to bring us to different dimensions of reality.

I know that with all of these different dimensions, our Savior will help us with their adaptation.

Even the multidimensional aspects of our mind and body in terms of emotions and thoughts needs his cleansing and wholeness for us to thrive.

Christ will open the dimension of eternity and give us access if we keep looking to him as savior. Our faith is what we fight for in this life and the reward is this dimension.

Christ has full knowingness of what God is, and this is why we are faithful to his word and discipline. It leads us to brighter dimensions even in this world

One day Jesus came into the dimensions of my dreams. I was 18 years old. I awoke in the dream and it looked exactly like my normal apartment at the time. I thought I awoke. Jesus had designed the dream to look like my reality. Maybe it was to awaken lucidity within my consciousness for this holy encounter. He looked just like the depiction of Christ that I designed on the cover of this book. Glowing with light. He said to me, “ There will be a war soon.” Even though he said these words, I was comforted more then I ever was in my life. It was because of the way he said them. Then with complete dominion, he rose and floated through the wall of my apartment. When I actually awoke, I realized with conviction the existence of Jesus through this multi-dimensional experience.

Through that dream, I realized he was master of my dream dimension and this dimension that I perceive as reality.

The astonishing fact of my walk is that so far, my closest encounter with Jesus was not in this world, but within me.

I hope this chapter, through our faith in our Lord and savior, strengthens our multi-dimension intelligence and protects it.

This is a area where I call on the Super Christ for all of us, to save the day. Let’s call on our Lord who has these superpowers in all dimensions of creation.

He can bring the power of his dimension-the kingdom of heaven-and bring it to ours.

Together as a people, we can bring more of that dimension to earth until we become a Christian species and link these two dimensions for all of us, bringing heaven to earth.

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