Super Omni-Power

God’s omnipotence is also a Power of Christ. Even though Jesus was led to the cross, we know he died willingly because of this super power. If he changed his mind, he could have summoned 12 leagues of angels to help him!

His true omnipotence can be found in his words. His teachings lifted this world to a new reality through his power.

He taught Peter how to walk on water. He taught his disciples how to lift up trees and move mountains with their faith.

He can cleanse us of any sin in the world.

He defeated Rome as one man and stayed obedient to God by sacrificing his power to love us.

The Roman’s taunted him. He showed even more omnipotence by not using any of his power during his crucifixion.

Can you imagine a superhero letting that happen and refraining from using their superpowers to fight?

His main goal was to create confidence in his believers throughout the rest of time.

He didn’t complain about the whippings, the crown of thorns, the stabbings and crucifixion.

As a matter of fact, while he was on the cross, he was still loving the people. He was still praising and was still saving souls. The truth was, that his body was the least of him. He was God. The other part of him was all of creation. He was still making stars, spinning all of the atoms. creating life and balancing the cosmos while being crucified.

He was unified with his Father during the whole process! He was being assisted and we need to understand that he felt more love on that cross then most people without a belief in God.

His Omni-power is real! His words are still currently traveling at the speed of light. His Gospels are still working in believers as if they were spoken yesterday.

This is why Jesus was so powerful. This is how we know he is real. The power of his word and what it is still doing even to this day!

His word has saved billions of souls and he was only speaking to small groups in Isreal and the surrounding neighborhoods.

He is still evangelizing through spirit!

The word has went through many transformations since the days that he spoke them.

They formed into the Gospel. They formed into the churches around the world. They formed into some of the men of God we see today. They also formed into the “Super Christ.”

You can only imagine what Christ can accomplish with this superpower alongside the other powers in this book.

Could you imagine what Jesus was thinking about doing while he was alive?

Could you imagine what he’s thinking about doing right now?

Your thoughts and actions will also transform through his omnipotent word.

His omnipotence is orchestrating our entire life.

We don’t see it because God is invisible and gracefully subtle.

When we accept Jesus Christ for who he is, omnipotence starts to flow in our life.

We start to think, act, and speak differently.

If you or a loved one wants to wield these powers-first-ask Jesus to enter into your life. Ask him to be your Lord and Savior. Tell him that you want to be with God. Let him know that you have faith that he is the only begotten Son of God!

When you follow his word, he will save you!

Opening your heart with prayers like these will allow the omnipotence to work in your favor from our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Here is a fact! Most humans don’t know anything about these superpowers! Many humans are bitter, resentful, judgmental, and ignorant because they have chosen to reject their true God.

Many people don’t have the courage to worship a great God and stay at the level of their own problems.

This eventually leads us to a choice, either to be like these people or to follow our hearts to Super Christ.

We are given other superpowers that are not explained in this book because of our faith. In the Bible, they are called gifts of the Holy Spirit!

We can prophesize, speak in tongues, move in spirit, heal others, speak with Gods word, gain revelations, have visions and gain many more abilities through our faith.

We start to see the difference from believers and unbelievers. The Super sour people, versus, the Super power people.

A non believer has a destiny of failure. One day he will have to answer to God why he didn’t believe in his Son. That answer has to be greater then the reason of why Jesus Died on the cross.

In the Bible, it talks about how we transform into Christ. Our destiny is to become Christ our self. Through his death of the body, we were lifted into eternal life as Christ. In the world, we strive to be like him. We effort to be as loving as we can to please him. Just as he did for the Father. Our Christ-like nature is reflective of our freedom in Christ and our future freedom as Christ. This book is a hint on the super powers you will gain for eternity with your Lord Jesus Christ. You will be One with Christ forever.

There is no greater super hero! Superman cannot blow anything on Super Christ! A physical being cannot understand the spirit of all.

When we talk about God being the all, we have to understand that he is also the spirit of all. The underlying essence and perfection of life. We too become this spirit through Jesus. We can become the spirit of the All.

Can you imagine the difference of being identified as a mortal and then transitioning into being the spirit of the all?

You become spirit of all things through our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Our goal is to believe on him. Have faith that we will not be a individuated form forever but be boundless in spirit with him. Understanding this difference allows you to let this Omni-power flow through you. Can you feel it?

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