Super Peace

Jesus is the God of perfect peace. There is no other illustration of God as more peaceful.

The entire foundation of his teachings is to forgive and love to obtain peace. We actually learn how to build powerful kingdoms ourselves by following these principles of our savior God.

When Jesus Christ resurrected, the first word he spoke was “Peace.”

He provided us peace by giving us oneness with his God.

His entire kingdom of eternality is build on peace that stays kindled forever.

When we become Christian, we naturally become more peaceful because of the knowledge of Jesus Christ that is activated through his spirit.

The words in the Bible are the foundation of peace that Christ uses to build upon in our life. The scripture isn’t finished with the book of revelations, it’s finished with your name. There is a 67th book and it has your name on it. We all have a holy walk with Christ.

Why is peace is a superpower?

This is what everyone truly wants deep down in their souls and as Christians, we can provide it.

This is why Christian institutions are so wealthy. They provide people a way toward peace!

Peace is the soil where all goodness can grow.

Peace is an emanation of oneness.

Peace comes from the result of Jesus dying for us.

We gain peace the more we understand the man who made this sacrifice for us!

In Christ, we find our depth and realize deep down that we are beings of peace!

We have a choice to focus on the way of man, which steals our peace or we can live our life for God and gain the peace that is available only through his Son!

For us, we find peace through the cleansing of our sin. Jesus takes our guilt as a exchange for our faith and gives us peace to replace it! Eventually, our entire life is modeled after Christ and we provide ourselves a kingdom of peace build by his teachings.

Having this kingdom in your life is more valuable then anything in our lives.

People look to us for direction because of our peace. They start to see Christ in the things that we are doing.

A piece of the world can be stolen, but the peace of God cannot.

Peace is the treasure we receive in Christ as faithful stewards. He unwaveringly washes us of our sin from our day to day dealings in the world.

Peace is powerful because love emanates from its roots. Courage, confidence and acceptance germinate from its gardens as well.

Without peace, it is impossible to grow the fruit of long lasting well-being.

Jesus is like the dove and we are like the olive branch protruding from his mouth.

From all of these peaceful energies stems forth creativity and from creativity, abundance.

It’s a simple equation. Follow Christ and receive peace. It’s not enough just to believe. We must emulate Christ.

We know we are emulating him because we feel our souls. We feel we’re doing the right thing.

Following the master, there is no guilt in our actions.

Most of guilt comes from our sex instincts. This is where sin can be found at its root. We call on Christ daily to wash us clean and continue to offer pleasing praise to him. This is how we find this peace.

When we are knowing we are doing the right thing, we develop higher hopes in the afterlife and they become real possibilities for us. Imagine a beautiful afterlife with Christ and his Father in oneness and love. You are as powerful as every being there. You are One. There is only freedom and peace. Everything is yours and everyone else’s. Everywhere is accessible at all times. Everything is pure. You have the mind of God. Your able to love and communicate like God.

Could you accept this?

Jesus washes us clean with his life that he spared us until we can believe thoughts like these as possibilities.

In sin, we believe that we must worship God until the end of eternity.

We will be One with Christ in the afterlife because of faith and faith only.

Sin robs us of peace and occurs when we turn from honoring or magnifying the name of God. We were created to worship our God in this world.

Turning from our purpose and design falters us and our confidence. Guilt accumulation deintensifies our thoughts and we become more dense and susceptible to sickness and decay.

When we are praising God, our vibration stays high, we are pleasing in the eyes of the creator and receive light that can improve the quality of our emotions and thought processes. Without guilt, our hopes for the future also become brighter.

Let’s face it, we look to Jesus to transcend from an animal realm.

When we turn from God, we only have beasts to face.

Whether the face be money, sex, approval or resources.

Turning to God allows us to be superheroes of peace. We become spiritual, peaceful beings in an animal realm. We are still composed of primate evolved flesh, but a different light is compatible.

This is how God designed our life. To be compatible with spirit even in this beastly world. He gave us a clear choice.

This book is to guide you to peace. You can become a superhero of peace the more you follow the Super Christ!

Christ is constantly emanating us peace.

Looking at the night sky on a quite night couldn’t even compare to the peace of our God. Those stars are temporal.

Imagine if those stars were shining the glorious light of eternal heaven. Stars that could live forever. This would be reflective of our God’s peace.

God makes us understand that we are much more powerful then our societal system gives us credit for.

We become more powerful when we question what the peace of Christ is.

Have you found it?

Even today, science has not been able to prove any single discovery of eternal structure.

There is no such thing as forever in man’s way of science. Science turns its back on God and gives fancy names for a beastly temporal world.

Yet through God, we can find peace at the core of all existence. Even our breath, the core of our energy, can drop us into peace! A place where science says there is just molecular bondage becomes a doorway to feel our soul, when we have faith. A mystery found only by few. The peace of Christ is our journey.

The spirit that could transform wine into water and ultimately its greatest miracle, A man into a God.

Do you want to have a relationship with this spirit?

Live in your natural state with Christ. Your peace.

I have been a RN for ten years, allowing the healing to flow into my writings to empower readers around the world.

I hope these words give you peace. I too had to sacrifice to get them to you. May every word be a seed of Christ’s peace, that the spirit can water in your mind.

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