Super Presence

I am here, I am there, I am everywhere! This is what the spirit of Jesus Christ says in its omnipresent power.

Jesus Christ is everything on the map.

The true eyes of Christ are bigger then the core of the universe!

It is beyond cosmic power because nothing in the universe is Omni-there.

His eyes were watching the earth spin as the disciples looked into them.

The beauty is that we too become omnipresent in Christ. In Christ, we have the ability to stop thinking for extended period of time. Through his spirit, we become stronger then thought even!

Could you imagine how this shifts our mind. The neural pathways in a Christian’s brain has different connections. Connections to omnipresence!

If you needed to follow signs to the road of Christ in a vehicle, you would look up and the green sign above the highway would say, EVERYWHERE.

Between the spirals, a white illuminating cloudy presence is ever spinning through our galaxy. This is the color of Christs omnipresent robe.

“Be still and know I am God.” What does this mean in the Bible. It is a crowning of power to Christian’s to slow their mind and stop it. We as believers have the ability to completely still our mind. When we do, we experience the omnipresent force of the creator within us.

We do not learn this in school. The truth is, we are much greater then anything we ever learned. This is why I stilled my mind to provide you with the “Super Christ.”

In this book, you can reach in with your mind and have access to a arsenal of weaponry to use during any time of your life.

This superpower of omnipresence that Christ gifts is, makes us whole. We are complete in our own omnipresence.

No longer will you differentiate-so severely-the world with man made labels. When you look under the rock, you will find yourself. If you split a piece of wood, you will find yourself there.

This provides us a new sovereignty. You will be able to live differently by living with less differentiation in your mind.

Every thought is a differentiation, but with the power of God, we can still the mind.

His presence alone will still the mind when we call on him!

We have a everlasting, gentle and still God. His stillness makes him almighty. When we emulate his stillness, we also gain power.

Simply put, this is not just a superpower that Jesus has, it’s a superpower that we have as believers.

If you were to take your brain out of the equation, your mind would be omnipresent in form. This is what happens when we still our mind. We find peace beyond the nervous system.

God’s eyes are the stars, the planets are his feet in his body here in the universe!

Just as the rays of the Light are everywhere, we can ponder on their similarity to God’s omnipresence.

Even though many people believe that our thoughts are our true self. There is something else. Something greater.

After reading this chapter you will have a choice at anytime to think or not to think.

Using both aspects of yourself is necessary to feel whole!

Through this knowledge, our thoughts can lead us to a greater presence, and our omnipresence can lead us to greater thoughts.

Many of my works, including the “Super Christ,” has came from this place of presence. I meditate and find other ways to still my mind to call on God. The combination of my presence and his, helps me put out this quality of work!

Mankind is predominantly held within the constrains of thinking without acknowledgement of this presence of Christ. The key is to harness this ability and use it to improve your other superpowers to operate within the mind of Christ.

If we trust in man and his institutions, omnipresence will take the backseat. Many of us will not even experience our own God given presence because of our trust in man rather then God!

Are our leaders operating with this presence? Our parents? Our presidents?

This is why Christ is our true leader. He leads us always to where he is because he is everywhere.

Man feels threatened by this presence because mankind is dominated by the lower mind.

Many people have been deceived into thinking that they are their mind. We are not even the one thinking those thoughts. We are the presence of God beyond all thoughts, that provides the space to think.

In a sense, because of unbelief and sin, we are oceans believing we are fish. How much would a ocean suffer believing it was a fish? This is the position of many men without the assistance of the great almighty God in their life.

I was given knowledge of these powers through faith! Jesus forms the galaxies within his hands. We know how his hands move through their design! Let us put our faith in him!

To be omnipresent is the ultimate gift.

Omnipresence is our ultimate secret. When we find it, we find the hidden cave within us that has no end. It’s waters are everlasting.

Claim this super attribute now!

Even though we cannot touch the sun, it touches us more then any other being.

Just like we cannot touch God, he touches us always beyond our thinking process, in the rays of his omnipresence that is also ours.

This intimacy with stillness takes the mind off the throne as your king. There is something greater then the repetitive thoughts we generate everyday.

Jesus says in Mathew 28:20, “ I am with you always.”

The maturity in Christ lies in This.

When we are looking out to the species of mankind, we are bound to increase our thinking process. Mankind is geared to repress our thinking and emotions and suppress who we are. We need rescue from the sinful societies of man. We all need more then anything to call on Super Christ to save us.

He is like Superman for our souls. He helps us see the parts of us that God created. Parts of ourselves that are blinded by the allure of man and his pleasures.

God says to pray to him in private. Find a place to be alone, that is quiet. Here we can find true luxury.

Here’s the truth. Everyone in Christ’s kingdom is omnipresent. We are able to be part of the royalist kingdom that exists right now. Let us bring a piece of heaven to earth and develop a habit to live in our presence rather then our repetitive thought process.

Mind is a universal tool with our presence leading it, but a enemy of our soul without it.

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