Super Prophet

Jesus was known as a prophet by every Abrahamic religion.

This was one of his main superpowers while walking the earth. He could look past time into the eternal realms.

As Christians, we believe in Jesus as the Son of God. Hear this. This man is so powerful that he is even in scripture pages of other religions.

Even other religions claim Jesus and his prophetic power.

Due to this, he is the only man that can unify two religions into One.

No one man on earth can deny that Jesus Christ is a prophet. His words are still the most relevant and useful even in today’s technological society.

The prophets in the Bible are the most powerful beings in the Bible. Being a prophet during those times meant that you were a supernatural force. That you had real life superpowers.

Moses split the Red Sea, Elijah split the Jordan River. They could resurrect people from the dead. Send plagues to their enemies. Yet Jesus was different. He only used his prophetic superpowers to heal and love others.

During biblical times, prophets were more powerful then kings.

Prophets were known to emerge during times of tribulations to help Gods people.

Jesus came as a prophet to free the world.

Being Christ-like, we also hold Christ power. Most of the miracles of the Bible came from the prophets. We too hold miracle potential.

So what is prophetic power? It’s the power to allow the spirit to move through you.

The spirit activates abilities to see the future, perform miracles and speak the words God wants spoken.

A prophet gives direction. He can locate the problem and offer solutions through assistance of the spirit of God.

He also holds the gifts of the Holy Spirit that were released as promises through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We cannot hear God directly because his voice is to powerful. Just like we cannot hear octaves or frequencies that are too high, he cannot be perceived in his true form. He chooses to operate through the mouths of others so we can understand. Jesus was his best expression of doing this.

We were able to receive the enormous word of God in its unadulterated form without being harmed by the power of his voice. This is why Jesus came to teach.

We have to understand the voice of God was powerful enough to create the universe.

In Genesis when he commanded, “Let there be light!” all of the stars were made.

For us to hear this being of supreme power, he chooses prophets that are strong enough to carry his messages.

Even his softest whisper in true from would annihilate us all. He can speak through our souls. We can hear him from this eternal place of ourself. From this place, we are strong enough to listen to his gentle voice.

A eternal being created a temporal existence. His octave is the vibration responsible for all action. Those with strong enough souls can receive his direction and give the gift of his word to others.

This is the power of a prophet.

This is how God speaks to humans. Within us. When our souls becomes illuminated in Christ, our souls become strong enough to listen to the voice of God.

The inner self, the spacious self, the Christ awareness, the Christ-consciousness, he can whisper through that and we can survive it.

Ask yourself the question, could you accept the instruction for the real voice of God?

This was the superpower Jesus had.

What we find through the prophets is the evidence that the truth relies in our words.

Until we find a person claiming to be Christ, with more loving words documented, Jesus will prevail in the hearts of those looking for their creator.

Jesus had the ability to help people understand the truth.

He was given all of the abilities that he had for the purpose of helping people find the truth.

He had the truth and he gave his life to help us find what life really meant.

He helps us realize that life was meant to find God.

Here’s another truth. Every Christian in the world has prophetic powers within them. These powers are the gift to his believers through the holy spirit.

The trinity is a synonym for perfect spiritual compatibility. The Father is perfectly interconnected with the Son, The Son with the Spirit, Spirit to Father, Father to Son.

When we are saved by God, we become the Son and transform into the trinity.

We are perfectly spiritually compatible.

This is the power of faith.

Now we too can speak like the prophets, save others, intercede, make music and write with the same quality of the prophets in scripture.

We become activated as the trinity and read the Bible differently. We see life in a new light.

Even though we have become the trinity, it is so unified that we become all things. We become One.

In today’s world, we want to know what is going on. All we have to look toward is media and news.

Yet we are not going to get the truth from these ad sources.

The truth will bubble in our consciousness as we transform into Christ consciousness.

Then we move forward and help others to find Christ so they can receive the grace to go through the same growing process.

Repeat these words, “ Lord you are terrible in might, your power is frightening. Through your mercy and love, please provide me the gift of prophecy. In the name of you only Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.”

The prophets are not saying what is in the news. They don’t care about what’s on media. They will not teach from a textbook. They are speaking the words that are coming from God. We receive grace to do this though our faith in his Son.

The greatest prophecy has been revealed!

Christ has came and given his life for our salvation. We can finally make peace with God! Our guilt can be washed through the power of Jesus! We can use our suffering for his plan! We are going to receive a reward. Our souls have been saved by the Super Christ!

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