Super Glory

This is one of the most incredible chapters of the “Super Christ.” It talks about the Glory power of God.

Glory is to God what blood is to our veins.

As much red beam vision that Superman showed us in all his comics is like the glory Christ showed us in the gospels.

Can you visualize how Christ looks at this very moment in his kingdom. He is clothed with glory. Every single type of heavenly light permeates around his being, like a rainbow crystallizing into a solid arc across the sky.

What are the finest lights your mind can imagine? They are dim compared to how Christ shines right now.

The glory power is what I live for. We received bits and pieces of it when we are on the right path toward God. Jesus is the Glory of our world just as the Father is the Glory of his.

How could such a glorious being of heaven be so humble to serve us and wash our feet?

The word glory is in the Bible 375 times. Each time hinting to the true form of God.

Even though Jesus Christ concealed his glorious presence as a man to teach us, it was inevitably revealed in time through his resurrection.

This glory is untouchable and unknowable to man. We can reach it no easier then arriving at the sun.

Yet through the grace of Jesus Christ, we experience the glory of God as a evolved primate.

Jesus uses this superpower to facilitate our lives as he walks with us and our plan unfolds.

Through repentance of sin and turning to the Gospel, we have glory power.

He wants us to have as much glory as he has in eternity. When we focus on his glory, our mind activates a latent area in its backround. We are given the ability to think on eternity and form thoughts and energies from the kingdom of God.

All angels have power, but Gods angels have the glory power. It surrounds them and they surround us. Being around Christ and the host of heaven through our faith, we start to manifest a glorious life.

A life that angels assisted. A life that archangels assisted. A life that Christ assisted. A life that God planned for us.

Only through Christ does this glory power reign supreme.

In today’s world, we look at Christian’s as normal people. It’s just a religion. What they don’t know is the enormous glory that is lying hidden within Christ’s believers!

These are God’s Chosen people! They have all types of superpowers flowing through them! They are glorious!

This glory is more royal then anything that we have in this world. The more we focus on Christ, the more it flows through our minds, re-qualifying us forever.

Glory is what separates normal men from God’s men. His people are glorious. Their words are filled with God’s glory. Their minds are filled with God’s glory. Their heart is filled with God’s glory. Their Soul is filed with God’s glory.

Can you imagine yourself being filled with this glory?

Glory has nothing to do with man. It is not found on the electromagnetic sphere of the planet. It is not found in the oxygen we breath. It is not found in solar light. It is not found in stellar light. It belongs to God alone. This is why God delights in his own presence. He fills himself with his own glory.

His throne is his presence. He bathes in it fully and eternally.

God gives us this supernatural substance to hold dominion with Christ in our lives. It conforms us to his perfection.

The more we call on God, the more glory is available. “Lord, I want to follow you today.” “Lord, I want to Choose you.” “Lord, I want to know you more.” The more we pray, the more glorious we become. The more we pray to God, the less we prey on others. The more we believe in the glory power, the more we receive the glory power.

He takes care of all our needs and one of the most deepest desires we have is for our Creator’s glory. The very seed of Christ was created with it.

His Glory lures us in like a Shepard.

Christ is like a Shepard and we are like sheep.

The Shepard watches over the sheep and feeds them. In return, the sheep grow wool for the Shepard. We are valuable to Christ and he is a loving shepard.

Our knowledge, testimonies, works and acts in Christ are like the wool that God shaved off of our back to provide love for others who do not have any warmth. They do not have any divine love.

Christ shepard’s me to write and to love for others. When people read the “Super Christ,” they feel warmth. The words are like wool. Dedicated to please God.

The superpower of Glory is In Christ’s hands. He will show us his ultimate glory when we enter into the afterlife and realize that we are saved by his work.

There is nothing warmer then wool. There is nothing warmer then Gods love.

There are levels of God’s glory that stack so high that we cannot understand.

I want everyone to relate to our God. This is why I created the “Super Christ.”

I knew that if I projected Jesus Christ as a superhero, that I would attract a wider audience that relate to these type of characters. I want young men to relate to Jesus the way they relate to the heroes in the movie theaters.

I want these people who idolize imaginary heroes to meet their true hero. The one that has saved them forever from darkness and evil. The ultimate being with the ultimate superpowers. The book bridges the gap and hopefully will help more people come to Christ.

I showed through these chapters that there is no hero like him. They are frail in comparison.

The beauty about Christ is that he gives us these superpowers to use as well!

We don’t just become superheroes. We become superheroes forever. When we die as Christians, we become a Super Christ.

Jesus doesn’t just save the day, he will save you from mortality.

His glory will circulate around you in all you do. Your work will become glorious. Your art will be full of glory. Your home and family will feel the glory of Christ in you. You will outperform all of your competition because of this glory. Because it can’t be explained, you will slide right on by with the win, again and again.

Sometimes he gives us so much glory that we don’t know what to do with it. It’s overbearing and we need to find outlets to express the energy. All glory be to God! If he can raise Lazarus from the dead, we can be raised to new glorious life!

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