Super I AM

I am that I am

The great I Am. Before Abraham I am.

Jesus Christ had given us statements in the form of I AM. When he said these statements, he was speaking from the all knowingness and presence he held that spanned across the entire creative field of existence.

I am the True Vine. I am the Bread of Life. I am the Open Gate. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. I am the Living Bread. There are many more of his I AM statements.

When we repeat these statements, we harness his God power. They are not just statements but portals to the I AM presence through word and Christ imagery.

The more we repeat them in our mind or through our word, we will increase the power of life. It will ignite and awaken the I AM presence that is peacefully flowing through us.

This light of his I AM statements awaken God qualities with us. “ I AM the light.” “I AM the Alpha and Omega.” “ I AM the beginning and the end.”

Keep repeating these I AM statements and watch characteristics of your life improve.

When we say I AM, we are exercising our superpower in Christ. It doesn’t matter what our I AM statement includes. You could speak, “ I Am a Billionaire,” and God will listen.

I wrote a book called “Super Thought,” and the work teaches individuals how to think a thought 100 times to concentrate the thought and create a “Super Thought.”

After you lay the first hundred thoughts down, you can build on them to build more super of a thought.

Try this with the I AM statements. “I AM the Resurrection and the Life.” “I AM the True Vine.”

You can also create your own!

I am prosperous. I am love.

I am Christ. I am kind. I am happy. I am peaceful.

All of our words hold the power of the I AM, whether we say I AM or not. All words invoke this God energy.

I think by now, we know Christ has an infinite amount of superpowers.

He can hold any superpower he wants to, at any intensity he desires.

Jesus is I AM!

I Am That I Am is everything.

This is why we call God, Almighty. He is in everything!

He could enter into every microscopic cell in the universe and use them all at once to disperse a thought through its network.

He can do anything!

He is the author of it all! He made everything!

To man, nothing is everything. To God, everything is nothing.

He is grand, he is all powerful. He could dissolve the universe with a word!

Compared to his knowingness, we are just a dream body.

Our knowingness in a non-lucid dream is how we can compare ourselves to his greatness. Compared to his intelligence, we know nothing.

This is why many people do not follow God. They have to admit how much greater God is.

In the Bible, there were other gods that people worshipped. It made God angry because of how much the other gods debased them.

This is what is going on in today’s world. People are worshiping media and materiality and have excluded God.

Christ is like the bridge that brings us to the Father! With Christ, we open the door to a relation with the I AM.

Through Christ, we live with God forever.

Christ knows all thoughts. He is all thoughts. He knows all the thoughts of Angels. He knows all of the thoughts of man. Any being that has the ability to think, he knows both points of that beings view.

He knows all truths of the universe. He is also infinitely beyond all thoughts and details of our creation.

I think this idea allows us to understand the power that we are praying to.

Some people call him Jesus Christ, oftentimes I call him Super Christ.

All of the gods combined cannot even see him. All of the superheroes combined cannot even touch him.

Today we can put him as number one in our life. We can call on him as Savior. If you haven’t already, say “ Lord, I want you to be the Super Christ of my life.”

As we have adventured into the deeper knowingness of Christ’s power, we can deepen our faith by understanding how profound our personal power shifts by settling into the words of this book.

When we talk about the I AM, we are talking about the science of Jesus.

We are talking about his mind. Everything we see is the mind of Jesus.

Your phone, your meal, the pages of this book. Everything is the mind of Christ. We label it the water bottle or the remote but it’s his consciousness. When we unite with him, it becomes our consciousness as well.

This is the truth of the I AM revealed.

Everything we enjoy in life, we come to find out, is the substance of his mind.

We have tried to figure out what existence is and still have failed. Everything we touch, smell, taste, hear is the mind of Christ.

When you are holding a object, you are holding his mind. You are inside the mind of Christ!

Know the secret of the I AM!

Enjoy Christ in all you do. When you know this consciously, you start to see Jesus as the Super Christ.

All equations, all formulas and ideas, were formed in his mind.

We all know Jesus very well. When you look at the ocean, you see Jesus. Every atom is Jesus. The butterfly is Jesus. The flower is Jesus. Every grain of sand is Jesus Christ. This book is the I AM.

You will know this personally the more you accept Jesus as Lord of your life.

The galaxy is his mind substance. The universe, is in truth, called Jesus.

When we unify with Christ, it become us. This revelation is the most important knowledge of our life. The knowledge of the I AM.

This is why creation is so miraculous. This is why it is so magical. So beautiful.

When we know this as a species, our possibilities will change and anything will become possible. The first step is worldwide faith. Without faith, these objects and molecules are not Christ. They are inanimate in the eyes of man and ever changing science.

Imagine if this was taught in school. The world would change.

To experience your life as the mind of Christ, prayer is key. Hope is key. Faith is key.

Repeat these words. “ Lord Jesus, I want to know that I am within your mind. I want to know your great I AM presence.”

Keep your faith. God will touch you and your conscious will be unbounded. Your mind will open to this truth and your I AM presence will awaken forever. You will see your life in truth. Through this advancement of your awareness, you will realize we are all one in the mind of God. We are all God. All of us.

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