Super Love

All of the words that came from the heart of Jesus came from his superpower of love.

Before Christ was born, they did not know it was 1 BC. They were lost in the way of man, under the brutal rule of the Roman Empire.

This was the pristine time for God’s plan. He would bring his Son to the world during one of the most sinful times in history.

The red letters in the gospel are all full of the breath of God that permeated around the world during that time. They were responsible, ultimately, for the destruction of empires.

How could a poor man, who was born in a manger be responsible for the destruction of one of the strongest nations in the world?

Jesus arrived to the world as a infant. Destined to one day be the Savior of our race.

God furnished Jesus with everything he needed to fulfill his plan perfectly.

Jesus was animated in the world by the most formidable power in the universe.

The true light of God’s heart, divine love.

This term called divine love is rarely spoken in todays society.

It’s the most powerful force in the world, and it holds complete dominion over our lives. Every action we take is attempting to receive divine love to the degree our intelligence allows.

We learn through God’s Son how to receive this energy directly.

After the discipline is complete, we can harness divine love and receive it directly, eliminating the need for a generic substance in man.

Jesus gave us the most love out of all spiritual figures. There was no other depiction of God that had loved mankind to the degree that he had.

Jesus held the secret to obtain the keys of the force more powerful then all of the Omniverses! It was divine love!

If you were to be there during the time of his crucifixion, he would look down on you and say “ I Love You.” He came to express that love to you. He could only do that by coming at the perfect time to the earth.

Being so powerful that all of creation was formed by his love, his climax of his love for you was the cross. Is there a more powerful way for God to say that he loves you?

All of creation was waiting one day to see the love of God. It arrived, as Jesus Christ.

What we learned was that love is the ultimate sacrifice. We learn from God that the ultimate sacrifice is love.

He sacrificed his time, his reputation, his energy and at the end, his life in the perfect way to finish his message.

All of creation has the ability to love enormously.

Every being born is looking for God’s tremendous love. They also give enormous amounts of love.

Even tigers and lions are extremely loving when trust is there.

I even feel if you had a baby Dinosaur, no matter which kind it was, would love a man if it were fed and nurtured properly.

Creation was made by a loving creator. For man, sin is a enemy that limits our capability to love. Sin is also the reason why animals show aggression and attack.

We depend on the love of Jesus Christ.

He increases our capacity to love and increases the love in the world.

God created the world to be fabricated in love and for Christ to be the master of love.

God’s love is freeing. He wants all life to be free and loving. This is only possible through Jesus Christ. When we are in Christ’s love, we want all beings to be fed, loved, happy and free. We want all beings to have what they desire and we do everything we can to make them feel important and special.

Love is Super Christs superpower. He knows everything about love. He knows the non molecular composition. The spectrum, velocity and octave. He knows it’s half life. He has an intelligence that is forever perfected in the highest love, divine love.

Scriptures is the sanctuary of Christ’s words. His words, being the conclusion of scripture were also its foundation.

We learn through his words, his actions and what he didn’t do.

We learn through these three components that his love was non-expectational. It was a free giving to attract people to freedom and salvation. He allowed people to be who they were and loved them regardless. He forced his hand on no one.

His climatical act of love was his torture. Through this experience that is not possible today in our modern world, he proved his love with his words on the cross.

He did not condemn, judge or even complain. He continued to love while being crucified.

This is the love of the Super Christ.

Now through Christ, we can live the entire world through his simple teaching. By forgiving it.

We start the forgiveness with ourselves. Then we expand to our family. Then we expand out to our neighbors and friends. Then our enemies. Then our borders open to the entire block, neighborhood, city and state.

We can go further in Christ and through forgiveness love the nation, continent, world and universe.

Without Christ, we start to become insecure with ourselves and those around us. We cannot expand ourselves beyond our own sin that can only be cleansed by Jesus.

We start to mature and love and we can satisfy others with this tremendous energy. With more growth, we start to see the entire world as ourselves. We identify with all of creation as being within us and us within Christ.

Without Christ, it’s difficult to properly love our immediate family even.

It is impossible for us to love to our capacity without Christ. We may allude ourselves with other beliefs and religions, but following less loving leaders will result in less loving followers.

We begin the path by learning and following his commandments. Then we learn how to seek Gods forgiveness of our sin. The. We graduate in teaching others the way.

When Jesus was born, King Herod tried to kill the hero. To this day, his knowledge is suppressed and his followers persecuted.

Men will attack us and our families will assassinate us and our name. The advanced level of our faith is to still praise his name.

I give you this knowledge because the walk is not easy as you advance.

Yet through it all, we obtain the way to love like Christ did, forevermore.

This is how we harness the Superpower ourselves. We model after our God hero and become heroes ourselves.

One of the hardest things for me to do was become a author. It wasn’t the writing, I knew how to write. It was because my name was assassinated. Even though I was a innocent man, the people of my nation denied my name in Christ. They altered my background from being the healer in Christ into a criminal.

When I would put books out, I would get attacked for it. On two occasions, I was fired from my job when I released my books.

I didn’t know what type of danger I was putting myself in. Yet, I knew Christ was in me and he needed to speak. I put my safety on the line and continued to write for all people, children included.

Like Christ, I let my words become my truth.

Your walk might not be as difficult. You may not be called to write for God, but in some way, you have gifts that may be attacked by the world. Continue to look to Christ through it and be brave.

Doing this will reward you with the superpowers outlined in these chapters and you will own a love that only our savior, Jesus Christ can give.

I forgive the world for its trespasses and through forgiveness I become stronger in Christ. I gain his love and continue to become stronger on my walk.

When you can forgive the world, you have a superpower. You are no longer earthbound.

It’s not our definition of love that hits the mark. It’s not our definition of forgiveness. It’s the definition set forth by Jesus Christ. This is the ticket.

Let us release our hatred to the Lord. It wasn’t ours anyway. We picked it up on the journey. Let us forgive everyone so we can love the beings everywhere, even in heaven.

Christ’s law of love gave us a new love. Together, in Christ, we can heal everyone on the world.

In Christ, we receive the simple knowledge that is not found in complex college curriculum.

We have billions of believers in Christ in the world yet the Christian life is still not mainstream. This means that we have to stay rooted in the word and become messengers of the good news.

An unbelievers response may be, “Love others? Are you kidding me? Look at the world we’re living in!”

We look upon Christ to give us the superpowers to show them the truth of how to live a Godly life.

So let’s start with loving the family. Be the hero there with your new superpowers you have gained in this book. Love your spouse, children, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews and distant relatives.

It’s not easy to be a hero.

It wasn’t easy for Superman, Batman, The Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, the X-Men or even Catwoman or Wonder Woman.

We fight our battles just like Jesus did and become crowned as a superhero in our own life.

Forgiveness is the key. We don’t have to give our enemies chocolates and flowers but we can affirm peace in our hearts for them.

This is how we become the Super Christ. If we were to take all of the words that were spoken ill of you, you would have a book series.

The truth is, you are the author of your life. You can choose to live in the way of divine love or the way of man.

Christ is more important to us then any man in the end. We take what men say with a grain of sugar when they speaks ill and a grain of salt when they speak kind.

I don’t want to be with men in my afterlife, I want to be with God. His command is to look past offenses even when they call us the offender after doing so.

My body is here to praise the name of Christ and I do it everyday.

When Jesus woke up, he praised his father everyday. He didn’t use his power to hangout and take it easy.

We shouldn’t say, some days I will praise and some days I will not.

We praise him everyday.

The human body is a symbol of division. The more we don’t praise, the more access our enemies have to destroy us on the spiritual.

A boxer trains everyday. He takes hits and he doesn’t feel many of them because he trained every single day in the ring with his coach and sparring partners.

When we train to praise everyday, we become stronger against attack from our enemies and spiritual forces.

We can make the habit of reading the Bible, prostrating, praying and going to church.

When the enemy says, don’t read the Bible today, we are conditioned to take the hit and keep reading. People that are not conditioning themselves are being knocked out by the enemy!

They may say, “ I don’t feel like it.” Eventually they stop all together and become susceptible.

Do you imagine what the ultimate superhero of the gods can do for us when we praise him daily?

We receive enormous amounts of love!

I desire for us all to be superheroes of love.

Love is what will heal us. It will transform us and what will resurrect us into life everlasting.

We only have one kingdom of love and this kingdom belongs to Jesus Christ.

Jesus wants us to have the same position that he has.

If he has a God, he works for us to have a God. If he was resurrected, he works for us to be resurrected. If he has divine love, he wants us to have the same love. He has a everlasting kingdom! He wants us to have the kingdom too! He wants us to live for as long as he does! When he looks in your eyes, he sees himself. He wants you to see yourself in him!

His love wants to offer you his power. All these chapters with all of these superpowers are yours now through his love.

I hope you are beginning to see that you are. A superhero of love.

With Christ we are a superhero. Without him, we are a super zero.

I was beaten up, locked up, labeled as evil, threatened, hated, mocked while writing these books. I didn’t stop. I said, I’m going to write another one! I’m going to create the “Super Christ!”

“The Super Christ” is in your hands because of Gods love.

Take his gift. Live in Christ.

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