Super Parables

Jesus used parabolic power to organize many of the teachings that he prepared for the Gospel.

He did this because he knew how scripture would be laid out.

Imagine a reality show where everything is recorded. This is kind of like the ministry of Jesus, only they didn’t have cameras recording him, they had writers recording him.

He knew that his life was being recorded for scripture and that his life would be transcribed into the Bible. This is why he spoke in parables. He knew his words would be the center of scripture.

Parables naturally give an amazing dimension to writing. He made the scripture more colorful and imaginative through his parables.

The parables of Christ is one of the most interesting aspects of the Gospel.

He had us in mind.

We have been coloring in the parables for millennia with our imagination.

Each person has a personal interpretation of these parables and form a unique collections of images inside of them. What unfolds for each believer is genuine to there faith. He gives us the opportunity for our own interpretation.

The reason that these parables are so distinct, colorful and powerful is because they are the parables of God.

In the Bible, he didn’t just teach us like other God figures.

He gave us parables that were mysterious.

He called us to a deeper faith and a deeper curiosity to his kingdom.

These parables were unlike any story ever told by a God figure.

He was teaching us in a very different way.

He wasn’t teaching us like men of God but as God himself.

He revealed that much of our faith is a mystery. Without his intelligence, we would never have been able to figure out the parables. They were created for him to help us unlock their mystery. The parables pulls us into a reasoning transition of mind. Disciplining us to question and use logic and spiritual reason to understand the truth.

He taught us to be powerful thinkers as disciples and to let go of the dumbed down thinking of our society.

These parables differentiate and unify us all at the same time.

There are around 50 parables of Jesus. Being disciplined in them all and understanding them will expand our intelligence and allow us to reason in Christ consciousness. Our logic shifts from worldly to spiritual.

Much of the content Jesus was teaching was so supernatural that he explained them in parable form.

He hid the secrets of a all glorious kingdom behind the ancient images of colorless parables.

Unlocking these parables give us reward of oneness of God and enlightenment.

There is motivation on the soul level to call on faith and stay in scripture to unleash the God power behind these parables.

Some of the parables get deeper the more we ponder them. The deeper we get into spiritual reasoning from Christs perspective, the more conviction we have in him as the Son of God.

Many of these parables are so deep -considering they were spoken by God- that entire books can be written.

The Good Samaritan parable is a good example. On the surface, it seems that he was just teaching how to care for others.

In truth, The parable travels deeper.

The Jews hated Samaritans. They disagreed on many spiritual traditions that set them in a discord.

When they heard their master Christ speak about the Samaritan, they felt the hate that came alongside the name.

The Good Samaritan is a contradiction. No Samaritan was good to the Jews.

The key is who Jesus was truly talking about. Jesus was speaking about himself.

He was to be beaten and robbed by the Jews, being treated like a Samaritan in his land.

Even though he was teaching them how to love, there was deeper meaning in the parable. A deeper message.

The parable was a prophecy of what was going to happen to him in this world.

To this day, Christ remains the Good Samaritan to many men. They curse his name and rob his people.

The good Jew who helped the Samaritan are those who help the body of Christ who are suffered and persecuted.

The parable has lasted until this day! The Good Samaritan still exists! His persecuted believers! His messengers. His body.

The hotel from the parable may be indicative of the church.

These parables are very subtle yet very profound.

The people who get arrested, persecuted and beaten because of who they are in Christ are the Good Samaritan.

New revelations are constantly being given to believers through Christ’s Parabolic power. When you receive one, it feels like you just hit the powerball.

You unlock enormous amounts of Gods light that have been secured in its mechanism.

Whenever you receive a revelation of Christ, you become super-powerful. Super Valuable.

There were others parables in the Bible that were spoken by prophets yet the intensity of the parables of Jesus were much more intelligent and complex, revealing he was the fulfillment of the prophets predictions of the coming savior.

These parables invoke a certain quality within us that is resonant with our highest quality of intellect. They are clothed in Gods light and the images that are depicted invoke other images in our mind that are designed to direct our intellect toward the light and truth.

They also hold power because of the amount of time they have been studied and revered as a distinct form of discipline for his people.

I have been a believer of Jesus Christ for over 20 years and have found his parables to be one of the most mysterious yet astonishing superpowers he exposes to us.

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