Dear Affiliates

Let us build together.

Dear Affiliates, 

I thank you all for the amount of sales you have been bringing to the Superman Mind 2.0 Team.  It is really a great feeling when you know that you are getting the best products across to buyers who will truly benefit. I will be organizing a affiliate retreat at the end of the year to celebrate our success.  I won’t stop helping you guys until you all reach a million dollars in commissions with the Superman Mind 2.0 technology!  The founder of Conversions Resources United who created the Superman Mind 2.0 technology is setting up an affiliate retreat to the Virgin Islands at the end of this year.  We will be giving free gifts, celebrating our sales success and also helping affiliates obtain more of what they need to be truly successful with this affiliate program.    Our Goal is to register 100k experienced affiliates to promote the superhero emulation by 2023.    Please contact Christian Cassarly the founder of this wonderful technology for anything you may need.  We thank you so much for your affiliation. 


Conversion Resources United 

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