Being Superman

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This is the First Superbook that has ever been written. My intention was to bring to life a superhero from the Superman realm into our real life existence. I was able to do this through relating similarities between Superman's abilities and ours. In this book we compare Superman up against the greatest legends of our world. We also compare Superman with our best selves. This is you at your highest potential! This is Not a Book about Superman. This is a book about you. Superman is not perfect but you are. Superman is not real but you are. This is a great non-fiction book that packs the most powerful punch when compared to any other literature on self empowerment. Have you ever wanted to be indestructible? Have you ever wanted to be invincible in the face of your enemies? This book contains the ingredients needed to help you become legendary and super in everything you do. You will compare yourself to Superman until eventually you reach to his level with your own unique talents and abilities. Even Superman cannot do what you can do! You will learn hidden techniques and master secrets taught by the Supermen of this world. You will not fly out of the window when your done reading the book but you will understand the power of your Superman self.

                       Nonfiction  > Philosophy > Good & Evil

                       Nonfiction  > Family & Relationship  > Parenting > Fatherhood

                       Nonfiction > Health & Fitness > Men’s Health

About Author

Christian Cassarly

Christian Cassarly is the Bestselling Author of Being Superman. He also has opened an Institute called Superman Graduates Institute where he is creating real-life simulations through E-Learning Courses, High Technology Audio and Videos, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence.

He is The first author ever to create a Superhero Emulation.

He also is the author of Structural Training, The first-ever Strength training, and Pain relief program that incorporates the human Somatic Nervous System Intelligence to achieve optimal health.

He is also the author of Deepest Discovery, Superman Mind, Superwoman Mind, Green Planet, and many more.

Christian dedicated his early adulthood to medicine, earning a Registered Nursing degree and continuing his study in Holistic Health. He incorporates the energy of healing into all of his literary works to synergize great stories and adventure with health and well being.

Christian is also an inventor. He created the first REAL portable Air Conditioner Unit and has claimed it can eliminate heat-related ailments because of its affordability.

He is currently working toward uniting with organizations that are focused on helping all people on the planet with his inventions, businesses, products, and books.

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Christian Cassarly

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