Our skeletal system protects the core of us and at the level of our extremities is our core.

Skeletal force is a secret facet of s.t training that allows you to strengthen your musculature at the deepest layer of muscle training possible.

This layer is called the Somatic Nervous system. What we find out is the deeper the musculature you use, the stronger you become. This is a universal truth called the “Law of the Core”

Through s.t we combine superficial tisdue training like what is available at the gym and combine with accessing the deeper layers of muscles in the body.

When these two forces combine, like the yin and the yang, you are left with a incredible force that is superhumanly powerful.At the level of skeletal force, we have the most condensed molecular structures.

This means the most atomic energy is at these layers where we are densified. You will literally feel the atomic energy course through your veins.

Now, you have the ability to go the deepest into your own body and discover your true core! . You Will encourage yourself, Inspire yourself and unlock yourself.