The Cryptocurrency King 2 Week training course


Is this course for you?

This course is designed for beginners and seasoned traders to start learning how to profit immediately. We offer over 6 hours of video so you can get started with small investments right away. We give a blueprint, workbook and one on one training to supplement further learning.

What’s in the course?
This course is comprised of 40 videos, a secret blueprint to success, phone training from our master traders as well as access to our famous 5 day crytocurrency retreat. If you order today, we will give you a free one on one telephone training alongside you digital training.  Our expert traders are here to get you started asap.



Course Outline

The Cryptocurrency King training is designed to help investors and traders who want a system with a high probability of consistently making profits on each trade.


In cryptocurrency, due to volatility, the best investments are identified by the cryptocurrencies that have the most potential for massive growth.

We also teach the key Ingredients of a profitable cryptocurrency investing system.


High probability of success is the king to a trader.  100,000 investors are now millionaires in cryptocurrency.  These people were once individuals who have never heard of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies before.


Let us supply you with the most valuable skill set of your life.  The ability to successfully trade and leverage volatile assets with risk management mastery!