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Gold N Heart ring
Specially cut Superman diamond from a larger genuine blue diamond to produce this shield cut.  The customer was a big admirer of superheros and wanted a superman ring.
Thomas Kinkade Painting
“Protector of Metropolis”

Under the ever-vigilant protection of Superman, Metropolis is a gleaming urban center, a melting pot of peoples and cultures, and an iconic city that is a beacon of hope. Coined as “The City of Tomorrow” it is a global center for commerce, industry, and culture – making it an irresistible target for common criminals, Super-Villains and otherworldly aliens alike.

Superman – Protector of Metropolis is a symbol of American opportunity and values. One of the hallmarks of America is that people can reach their full potential when allowed the freedom to do so. Superman embodies this ideal since as a “superhuman” he chooses to help and protect rather than conquer and enslave.

The Kryptonian Decoder Watch

Use this wearable device to decipher Superman’s messages with his home planet Krypton. This is an updated version based on the prized 1934 original “Secret Superman Code”. 

With a twist of the bezel, one can easily compose and decode secret messages written in Kryptonian- whether you’re out reporting about the end of the world… or busy saving it! 

The UNDONE decryptor is a first of its kind collector’s piece that integrates the novelty of Kryptonian decoding with the telling of time.

Superman ” Man of Steel ” Genuine Leather Jacket

Become the man of steel with this Superman Genuine Leather Jacket. This jacket is made to look like the suit worn in the Man of Steel movie. This leather jacket is made with 100% genuine leather in red and blue with a soft polyester lining. The
leather is padded and textured with an embossed chest logo to really capture the look from the movie.


Know as the world’s smartest headphones. The Nuraphone is the world’s only headphone that automatically learns and adapts to your unique hearing. These are a great addition for the Superman Mind Audio Programs.

Superman Limited Edition Canvas
Kal-El the Kryptonian-American represents the best in our human society, hence the tagline, “Truth, justice, and the American way.” As the artist was a immigrant to North America, he found himself relating to Superman in many ways and that was the drive and concept behind this work of art.
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