Smart Art Portal

Please message through chat for further interest. These are digital pieces. We can frame, print and mail at additional charge. All copyrights distributed to buyer after purchase.

The Swan
The Word
The One
Angel is Due 1/5
Angel is Due 2/5
Angel is Due 3/5
Angel is Due 4/5
Angel is Due 5/5
Sun Revealed
Feather in Space
Forgiving Daughter
The Real Mona
The Giving Tree
I am alive
Honey Jar

Digital World
Moon Bible
Christian song
Google Earth
The Nest
The Last Olympian
Candy Crush

Christian Smart Art

Mother Mary

Jesus in the Light
God Creating Himself
Jesus as Angel
Jesus creating
Jesus touches the Sun
Feeding the multitude
Mary’s Meal
Jesus reading scripture 1/4
Christ reading Scripture 2/4
Jesus reading scripture 3/4
Jesus reading scripture 4/4
The Rose of Christ 1/3
Jesus transforming the sun
Jesus preparing to heal
The Final Supper
Heaven’s Game
Jesus creating a sun
God speed
The Highe Self
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