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What do you want in your life?

Do you want a good workout….

Or do you want to double your power?

Let me tell you something. If you focus on the small gains you will only get pennies. If you focus on doubling your power, then that’s what you’ll end up with.

I was brought up to believe that you needed to put your attention on conserving your energy.

Ever hear “Focus on the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves?”

I did. Lots of times as I was growing up.

But here’s what I discovered…

If you focus on small gains you’ll end up with a mountain of them… but that’s all you’ll ever have. That’s what you’ll draw into your life.

This week I want you to focus on power! Focus on your healthiest self. Focus on big gains. A massive amount of health gains.

Not “oh I just need to get my one workout this week.”
That’s settling for being average. And being average doesn’t put you in a powerful position…

If you focus on a small gain, then you’ll get a small gain.

If you think weak, then you’re gonna get weak.

If you’re taking supplements because you can save some time at the gym, then you will stay focused on supplements instead of gaining your potential health!

You need to expand your view to be more physically powerful.

Quit holding yourself back and constraining yourself. Think about the strength. Think about how you want to make yourself feel and then go do it.

Be a superhero every day.


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Subject: The Structural Training Family wants you

[FIRST NAME] Christian here,

I would like to invite you to JOIN the Structur Training family and I’ll help you double your strength. We created this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to become a Structural Training coach, trainer, and athlete with access to all of my Structural Training content. Join my program and you could be generating a extra layer to your optimal health.

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Superpower Thinking




Structural training is the greatest way toward full transformational health and strength…period. This perfect concept was created through studying and learning the latest Chinese martial art Jeet Kune Do.
The concept is fully developed and expansive enough to accelerate you completely. I’ll be Giving you the fastest and most immediate energy levels anywhere on the go. I am targeting your optimal health.

I have specifically geared this program to those athletes looking for completion, those people needing extra strength or even people looking for a better workout.

People especially in need of increased mobilization, such as seniors or people who wish to achieve more mobility. This program can help dramatically!

When I first developed this method, I was learning martial arts for my health from a gentleman named Dan Lok. One of the main teachings was how to defend against a large attacker, and he taught that it‟s not your strength or your speed, but rather your structure to overcome a larger opponent.

I had a bully in my neighborhood who was pressuring me and who punched me in the face! He was a giant! 6’5 and angry! I needed to do something. I learned his technique and warded off my bully for good! This is how Structural Training was born!

Join us




There are billions of muscles in this skeletal muscular system we have never used that we can awaken while practicing structural training. As you will learn later in the book, we call this portion of the method “Skeletal Force,” which is just one method area. The other aspect of the method is the muscular support technique.

Support is also one of the strongest forces of the body, and through this muscular support system found in structural training, we can completely wake up and circulate billions of more muscles, which makes our strength whole. For the first time, we can adopt a healing force located within the body that is fully tangible, and that can be immediately established and felt. The health gains made in five minutes will be the deepest strength of your life.



Good luck!

To Your Success,

Chris Cassarly

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